Official Airpaz App For iOS and Android Platforms

Enjoy travelling? Often have to be on the go for work as well as for personal trip? Then you know how important it is to have such a travel app to help you with the management and reservation. Airpaz is a service for managing flights and choosing your favourite airline service. And if you are generally familiar with the desktop version, now you can use the app. Of course, the app is designed to deliver better use and functionality that will make your reservation easier and faster.

Airpaz for iOS and Android Devices

As it was mentioned before, Airpaz is focusing on flight reservation and it was only operating on the desktop version. However, the company has finally decided to expand its service to a smartphone app that will make the entire operation easier, simpler, and faster. Do you want to find affordable plane tickets? The app can be handy.

You want to get the best deal – or even be notified whenever there is a hot deal? Install the app and see how it can be beneficial for you. Want to directly and instantly reserve a flight without a fuss? This app will be quite helpful when compared to the website type.

Well, at least you only need to access your smartphone instead of accessing your laptop. The best part of using this app? It is free. You only need to go to Google PlayStore or the App Store and download it. No need to pay for anything else.

Some of the Benefits

Naturally, using this app has its own advantages and benefits. Sure, you may think that the desktop version is already enough but wait until you install the app and start using it! For a starter, there are tons of features available on the app – way more than you can find from the desktop type. Moreover, you will also enjoy various perks, such as:

  • There are some options for features that you can use to make everything faster and more convenient. For instance, the Search feature will help you find the available tickets from your location to your destination. Or the Hot Deals section will inform you of any interesting offers.
  • The system is running on real-time management so you can also get a direct notification, including when your e-ticket is being issued
  • You can enjoy the online chat with the Customer Service – right there from your smartphone. Any inquiries can be asked right away. The cool thing about this feature is that you can have the chat while on the go.
  • The app has your account, which means that you will keep your data there. It makes everything easier because you can always view your history of search or transaction.  If you have ever made a transaction, the Order section will contain the data.
  • You can manage all the reservation, including the cancellation.

Basically, the Airpaz app is similar to the desktop version, but it has more features and it also has better flexibility. If you enjoy using the desktop program, then you will like the app. After all, the advanced features will make the operation a breeze:

  • Safe transaction along with different kinds of payment options, including money transfer or ATM, internet banking, SMS banking, credit card, and more
  • Instant search based on locations and also destinations
  • Instant and direct access to inexpensive tickets from different airline services, such as Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Wings Air, and more
  • You can manage and reserve flights for both domestic and international routes. You can also gain access to many international flights, like Bangkok Airways or Singapore Airlines – the options are still more, by the way.
  • The easy sections and divisions of each category, such as Order, Hot Deals, and such thing alike

There is no harm in downloading the app and trying it. Who knows? Maybe you will like it for your travelling needs. It saves you a lot of energy, time, and also efforts.


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