Unlocking Comfort: Top Hotels near Kota Kinabalu Airport

Looking for a place to stay not far from Kota Kinabalu Airport? If you are about to get easy access to the airport as well as other tourist destinations close to the city centre, it’s crucial to know which hotel to pick. Or if you only want to spend a night during the layover and you don’t want to stay too far from the airport, these hotels can help a lot. Of course, it is also crucial to know which one perfect for your travelling type and needs so you can have a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Hotels Near Kota Kinabalu Airport

1. Napzone Capsule Hotel

Napzone Capsule Hotel

If you don’t want to be far away from the airport, no need to worry. There is a capsule hotel that is located on Terminal 1 in level 1. It has 40 sleep capsules along with lockers and massage chairs. It seems that the capsule hotel is liked by most passengers because of the convenient and nice facilities. The hotel has a divided section between female and male. It is operating 24/7 so you won’t have to worry in the event you arrive late at night and need a place to crash. The hotel also comes with bathrooms and toilets, drink and coffee machines, and also charging port within each capsule. There are even free oxygen pumps for guests in case they ever need one.

2. Megah D’Aru Hotel

Looking for a hotel that isn’t inside the airport and yet not too far away from it? Check this hotel out and you will enjoy your stay, thanks to the facilities and amenities. The hotel isn’t far away – only 3 minutes from the airport by car or taxi. It has free WiFi, an on-site spa, and AC in each room. The view is just amazing – overlooking Mount Kinabalu and the South China Sea. The hotel offers satellite TV, a private bathroom, and free parking. If you want to go to the city centre, it is only 5 minutes away driving. If you want to explore Prince Philip Park or Tanjung Aru Beach, they are close-by, only 0.6 miles away.

3. C’haya Hotel

If you want to enjoy the infinity pool, you should head here. The swimming pool is located on the rooftop so you can get an amazing view of the hotel’s surrounding. The rooms are modern with facilities like free WiFi, AC, electric kettle, and a private bathroom. Some of them have a washing machine and a bathtub. There are 2 different dining options at Cielo Bar and Amuse Cafe. The previous one offers light meals and drinks while the latter one offers buffet breakfasts on a daily basis.

The airport is only 3.4 miles away from the hotel. Tanjung Aru railways station is 1.3 miles and Kinabalu Golf Course is 1.1 miles. As you can see, it is very easy (and convenient) to travel around.

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4. Resort Pacific Sutera

Resort Pacific Sutera 1 1

This is an exclusive accommodation with plush and luxurious services. Besides 5 different dining options, you can also enjoy the free WiFi, the Country Club, and also the swimming pool in Olympic size. They also provide free parking. The hotel has contemporary and modern decor with a mini bar, electric kettle, private bathroom, and a bathtub. If you want to enjoy a luxurious experience and you don’t mind spending extra, then you should go to this hotel.

It is only 3.7 miles away from the airport and you can also go to Sabah Museum or IMAGO Shopping Mall that is only 1.1 miles away. Talk to the staff to find out whether they provide free shuttle service from and to the airport.

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