Osaka, One of Largest City in Japan With Many Attraction

Osaka is a city in the Kansai region, Japan with the third-largest population in Japan after Tokyo and Yokohama. This city on the island of Honshu is the second metropolis in Japan after Tokyo. This is the largest city in the Keihanshin region as an industrial and harbor center for the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto metropolitan area. To the east, this city is neighboring Kyoto and Naha, while in the west, it is adjacent to Kobe.

Osaka is a water metropolis known for its rivers and also the largest number of bridges in Japan. The two city centers in Osaka, namely Umeda to the north and Namba to the south and both cities are connected by the main road called Midosuji. Which, Midosuji road is known for its beautiful scenery in the form of yellow ginkgo leaves in the autumn.

Let’s Enjoy Tourist Attractions in Osaka

Besides being the largest city after Tokyo, various interesting things in the form of tourist attractions places to buy various types of souvenirs you can enjoy. Well, not to be missed to eat food in Osaka because the city has delicious food. So that you won’t be confused when you are there, it’s better to pay attention to various things you can do here.

Aquarium Osaka Kaiyukan

Osaka - Aquarium Osaka Kaiyukan

It is located in the port village of Tempozan in the Osaka Bay area. In addition, the appearance of this aquarium is equally interesting. Marine life is featured in 15 large aquarium tanks. Each tank presents parts of the Pacific Ocean. The biggest tank that is owned is the tank for the Pacific Ocean area, where it holds 5,400 tons of water.

The Tempozan Ferris Wheel

Osaka - The Tempozan Ferris Wheel

The place which is a giant wheel in Osaka Bay is one of the tourist attractions in Osaka that you must visit. When you ride this wheel that has a height of 112.5 meters you will see views from Rokko Mountains, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge to Kansai International Airport. This wheel can also refresh your eyes by showing the beauty of the city of Osaka from a height of approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Universal Studios Japan

Osaka - Universal Studio Japan

Universal Studios Japan is the first vehicle in Asia under the auspices of Universal Studios located in Osaka, Japan. The place which was officially opened in 2001 is a super cool and spectacular entertainment vehicle to visit with an area of 39 hectares. Eight themes are the mainstay of Universal Studios Japan, including Lagoon, Hollywood, San Francisco, New York, Jurassic Park, Amity Village, Universal Wonderland and Waterworld. Plus a new vehicle opened in 2014, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Osaka Tsutenkaku 2 1

The place has a tower that was originally built in the 20th century is one of the most famous spots in Osaka. It is a symbol of how Japan rose again after being heavily bombed during the Second World War. You can see a lucky genie called a sky Billiken.

The Umeda Sky Building

Osaka The Umeda Sky Building 2 1

Maybe it’s not as popular as Tokyo Tower or Tokyo SkyTree but this is one of the real proofs of modern buildings in Osaka. This magnificent building was completed in 1993 and is located in the Kita-Ku district. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the city from a height of 173 meters in the Umeda Sky Building.

Tourist Attractions of Nature in Osaka

Although Osaka is a very crowded city, you can enjoy a variety of natural beauty and city parks with family and friends during the holidays. You will feel happy when you see a variety of ornamental plants and flowers growing on the large land.

Minoo Park Area Waterfall

Osaka - Minoo Park Area Waterfall

This 33-meter high waterfall is in the Minoo Park area. This place is very suitable to visit last fall arrived around November, to see the color of the leaves change very beautiful and charming. Not only treated to a view of the waterfall, but there are also cute monkeys who are ready to greet you.

Tennoji Night Zoo

osaka - Tennoji Night Zoo

The zoo is located at the southern gate of Osaka and occupies half of Tennoji Park. It is the third oldest star garden in Japan. Inside this zoo, there are 1500 animals from 300 different species, including pandas, elephants, and the only kiwi bird in Japan which is a rare species.

Nakanoshima Park

Osaka - Nakanoshima Park

Osaka does not forget the green space for its inhabitants. There is one green room or park in the middle of a fairly famous city in Osaka, namely Nakanoshima Park which is a beautiful park in the middle of the magnificent city of Osaka. The combination of smooth and clean green grass and very diverse colors make Nakanoshima Park one of the most beautiful city center parks and have to visit.

Hanahaku Memorial Park Green Land

Osaka - Hanahaku Memorial Park Green Land

Originally the venue for the “Hana no Banpaku (Flower Expo)” held in 1990 but now it is being used as a municipal park. The park having Japan’s largest greenhouse exhibits from 55 countries, a windmill, the symbol of the park, which was built on designs from the Netherlands.

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Religious Tourist Attractions in Osaka

Religious tourism in Osaka will never be quiet because there are so many historical relics that you can enjoy. In addition, the development of Islamic religion in Osaka will make it easier for tourists to find mosques in the second largest city after Tokyo.

Sumiyoshi Shrine

Osaka - Sumiyoshi Shrine

After you are satisfied with the beauty and excitement of the city of Osaka, it is time to start cultural tours by visiting the Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine. This temple is one of the old temples in Japan which has beautiful architecture and interior design.

Shitennoji Temple

Osaka - Shitennoji Temple

The temple founded in 593 by the prince Shotoku Taishi can be visited because Most of the outer buildings of the temple are free to view. Except, Chushin Garan or inner temple complex, the Treasure House, and the Gokurakujodo Garden which need to pay a fee to enter.

Osaka Ibaraki Mosque

Osaka - Ibaraki Mosque

The facilities provided by the mosque which was established in 2010 are halal food, a place to interact with other Muslim residents, and also a separate place of worship for men and women. In addition to the Osaka Mosque, there is also a mosque that you can visit, namely Ibaraki Mosque in the Ibaraki region, Osaka, Japan.

Cultural Tourist Attractions in Osaka Never End

Enjoying a place that has a culture in Osaka is an addition that you should not miss it.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

Here is one of the famous Osaka landmarks besides the Tsutenkaku Tower. This palace was built in 1586 and has received many improvements here and there, however, this palace still has a strong charm to attract many visitors to visit it. Spring is the best time to come here. Besides being able to admire the architecture of the palace, you will also be greeted by cherry blossoms in the garden area near the palace.

Maishima Pottery Museum

Osaka - Maishima Pottery Museum

The museum built-in 1998 is located on a manmade island, part of the Bay Area of Osaka. Here you can make your own pot using a potter’s wheel than being shipped to your home as a memento of your holiday.

Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

Osaka - Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

It’s one of the most iconic sights in Osaka as dedicated to the humble instant noodle. In addition, finding a range of quirky attractions such as a statue of Momofuku Ando, you can also check out a giant replica of a cup noodle. You will get a chance to taste and even make your own noodles as part of a series of workshops.

National Bunraku Theater

osaka National Bunraku Theater 2 1

If you want to see the Japanese art of bunraku, visit this place. Here, you can watch a kind of puppet theatre that would have started our life in the Edo Period. One thing that you have you know that Bunraku features large puppets that are operated by as many as three puppeteers. Don’t worry if you cannot understand Japanese because there is also an English translation for you.

Taste Variety Food in Osaka

Osaka, a city famous for its ” the nation’s kitchen” culture (Tenka no Daidokoro) can certainly make you tempted to try all its food. Various types of delicious food are found here and all you have to try.


The shape is round, made from a mixture of flour, eggs, and water, then filled with pieces of octopus and leeks. The unique thing about this takoyaki is that the Katsuoboshi sprinkles on it are rocking when it gets hot.


Osaka Okonomiyaki 1 1

Besides takoyaki, okonomiyaki is also one of the Japanese culinary origins from Osaka.


Osaka - Sushi

Holidays in Japan aren’t complete yet if you haven’t tasted sushi. Although we can find sushi everywhere, the freshness and quality of sushi and sashimi in Japan are unparalleled.


Osaka - Kushikatsu

This fried food has various variants of contents, ranging from sausages, chicken meat, tofu, beef offal, vegetables, to fruits and tubers. The price is also very friendly. So while enjoying tourist attractions, you can also enjoy Kushikatsu.

Nightlife Venues in Osaka

osaka - Nightlife Venues


The area never truly sleeping is a great place to visit especially at night. You can find some restaurants are open 24 hours. Enjoy your day with canal and the vibrant lit up signs and posters along the road and river. The place offering plenty of food, drink and entertainment venues for locals and tourists alike is famous by the famous Glico Running Man sign and the moving Kani Doraku crab.


The place has a vibrant and long history that dates back to the Edo period is the largest shopping area in Osaka. You can find plenty of boutiques, craft shops, local eateries, and Japanese traditional food shops. Shinsaibashi is the famous and enduring landmark in Osaka because of connecting to Mido-Suji Avenue


It has 700 shops in a vast shopping district stretching 500m from east to west. You will be enjoy shopping here because long store hours that allows the shopping fun to continue well beyond dinner time. No wonder if you find some acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants here.

American Town

You can see the newest trends in teenage fashion and culture in Japan. The various cafes, fashion stores, and thrift shops give it a younger feel.

ROR Comedy

Enjoy your time laughing at night by visiting ROR Comedy. Here, you will enjoy refreshing Japanese humor by using English. In addition, ROR Comedy has a great variation of drinks and very friendly staff. This is what makes your night fun. Dotonbori

Royal Horse

For your loving Jazz, Royal Horse will give you a comfortable atmosphere, great design, and friendly staff at this place. You can spend your time with your friends here because the menu has a large selection of dishes and drinks.

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Osaka Souvenirs

Osaka Souvenirs

It is not only famous for the festivals that Osaka often holds, but also known for several shopping places to buy souvenirs. For those of you who are in Osaka and want to buy souvenirs, some by Osaka.

Osaka Castle Souvenir

You can get souvenirs after going around or exploring the historical tourist area of Osaka Castle. Some interesting souvenirs do exist around the tourist area. There are many choices you can buy. Starting from key chains, food, souvenirs for table decorations, and so on.

Fake Food Accessories and Decorations

Visit Doguyasuji Shopping Street, then get displays of plastic food, most often found outside of restaurants. You can get this place easily because it’s a famous tourist spot just three minutes from Namba Station.

Fukujudo-Hidenobu’s Fuku Fuku Fu

Shop located di Soemoncho is an old Osaka wagashi shop. You can get souvenirs the most popular product, a soft, steamed cake. This cake comes in a variety of flavors including red bean, matcha and seasonal specialties like strawberry and mango.

Madame Shinco Brûlée

Taste the best sweets in Osaka by visit Madame Shinco Brûlée. A German-style spit cake doused in maple syrup and sprinkled with caramelized brown sugar is Madame Shinco’s most lauded item. You can choose different flavors including chocolate and matcha (green tea), though the original remains the best-seller.

Horai 551 Pork Bun

Nikkuman is a steamed cake shaped like dim sum is a favorite cake here and this cake is popular as one of the typical souvenirs from Osaka. However, Nikkuman is not lawful for you who are Muslim.

Transportation in Osaka

You can use various transportation to reach tourist attractions that you want to visit with transportation in Osaka. In municipal, you can get eight subway lines and one New Tramline is operating in Osaka City and each route has been determined for identifying the lines by signature colors and letters of the alphabet. In additional, JR and other private railways in Osaka city, you can take by local trains stopped at every station. Other transportation is the taxi, Limousine bus, Air Plane, and Ferry.

So, there you have it! Osaka has plenty to offer. Book your flight now exclusively at Airpaz and embark on an unforgettable journey.

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