7 The Busiest Airports in the World


An airport is more than just a place to catch a plane. You may always find surprising, or shocking things sometimes when you get there. The situation seems confusing especially at the busy and large airports in the country. Not to mention the security measures can be very intimidating. Just be sure you always check your luggage and travel documents. Continue Reading

Enjoy the Special Treats during Ramadhan at Geylang Serai Bazaar 2018



Singapore is a small country but it has the multi-ethnic and multicultural society. There are also numerous religions that exist peacefully. You will even see each religion has the freedom to celebrate their special days. If you are a Muslim and plan to go to Singapore this Ramadhan, you can easily find other Muslims there. They also do fasting and even open special affairs including Geylang Serai Bazaar 2018. Continue Reading

7 Places you must visit in Hongkong

Source: thousandwonders

Hongkong is a Special Administrative Region and independent from the mainland of China. One of the reasons people visit this city is for shopping. But, if you explore the whole archipelago including the surrounding islands and fishing villages, i.e. Kowloon and the New Territories, you will see the representation of ancient Chinese culture. Continue Reading

5 Most Visited Countries in Asia to Travel

Source: Fortune

Source: Fortune

Deciding which tourism destinations to visit in Asia is a difficult task because there are so many of them. The available options are including nature, UNESCO sites, culture and culinary treats. Fortunately, you can take the advantage of the affordable flights between the major hubs in this continent. It is possible to visit two or more interesting tourism spots with the single trip. Continue Reading