Papaya Fresh Gallery: Indonesia’s Heaven for Japanese Products

If you are a Japanese expatriate living in Indonesia, or currently on a trip to Indonesia, you may learn that Indonesia is something different than your home country. Why so? It is so difficult to find a small mart that sells groceries, fish, or even bento. Even the big ones don’t have bento to offer. But guess what, Papaya fresh gallery is the place you can go to as this supermarket has a similarity to what you can find on Japanese mart: it sells Veggies, meats, fish, and even bento!

What is Papaya Fresh Market, Anyway?

This place’s official name doesn’t have ‘market’ in it. Instead, the official name is Papaya Fresh Gallery—which sounds more ‘lavish’. This supermarket can be found easily in Southern Jakarta as there are many ex-pats living there, including Japanese.

The supermarket has several chains in Southern Jakarta, including the renowned shopping center of Blok M. To mention the other chains, there is one in Citywalk Sudirman, one in Park Residence, one in Cikarang, and one another around Bumimas apartment.

Is it true that Papaya Fresh Gallery mainly sells Japanese products? Well, it surely is combined with Indonesian products, though, but you can expect Japanese snacks, imported groceries, as well as classic meals you can find in marts like bento, onigiri, and so on in the majority of its racks and aisles.

The price is relatively the standard for medium to high-end Indonesians, but for Japanese, we don’t think that the price will be many problems. This is due to the import cost, hence it seems reasonable enough to get such price.

Where is Papaya Fresh Gallery Located?

papaya fresh gallery - location
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Previously, it is said that Papaya Fresh Gallery has five chains in South Jakarta. But turns out that the supermarket has several other chains which are located in three other cities—Bandung, Surabaya, and Badung in Bali.

In Surabaya, the supermarket has two chains which are in Pakuwon City and Darmo Street area. Both of which are relatively big; making it to be difficult to be called as just ‘mart’. Just as in Jakarta’s chains, the supermarket is always crowded with buyers who are interested in purchasing Japanese food—be it fresh produces snacks, bakery products, as well as bento and onigiri which are worth trying.

Papaya Fresh Gallery also has chains in Badung, Bali. Compared to Surabaya and Jakarta, Badung has fewer expatriates that come to Indonesia to work, but this city has lots of visitors for its lines of beaches. Hence, for Japanese that stay in Bali for a while, they can purchase their necessities in this supermarket. The location is around Kuta and Renon (Denpasar).

As in Bandung, the supermarket is relatively newer. In this city, Papaya still has one branch (Jl. Sukaasih).
What Does This Supermarket Sell?

Papaya Fresh Gallery cannot be said as a small mart which you can find on Japanese smaller roads, or maybe like ones you can find near your neighborhood area. Instead, it is a huge supermarket with various things to sell—ranging from good and fresh produce bakeries, ready-to-eat meals, as well as snacks.

Even if you are seeking meats and fish, you can as well make your way here. Therefore, people love to visit this supermarket. Especially Papaya Blok M, truly a complete supermarket!

To explain more about what the supermarket sells, you can read that in this explanation below.

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Various snacks and drinks imported from Japan

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Craving for some ice cream wafer? Want to gulp some original milk tea from a Japanese brand? For sure you cannot grab it on common Indonesian supermarkets. That is why Papaya is here—to provide you with stuff you cannot find in common Indonesian supermarkets.

Fresh Fruits and vegetables every day

Japanaese fruits
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To keep yourself healthy, eating fresh veggies is a must. Never hesitate to walk to Papaya when you need some fresh daikons, carrots, bell peppers, or even the imported Japanese cucumber you cannot find in any other supermarkets.

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Fish and meats

Fish meat
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Fish is the heart of Japanese culinary. Aside from meats, Papaya fresh market will prepare you a broad variety of fish and meals which you can choose and cook for your side dishes.


If you love bread, getting your bread in this supermarket won’t make you regret it. Delicious bread, fresh from the oven, will be ready to satiate your palate.

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Bento, frozen food, and ready-to-eat meals

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Papaya undeniably has a special spot in the heart of many visitors. Why so? It is because the supermarket provides bento, onigiri, crocket, frozen Takoyaki, and what else you can include as ready-to-eat food. Although the price could be pricier compared to traditional food, which would not be regret since it is so great in taste.

That said, you shouldn’t worry about having a long holiday or even working in Indonesia. With Papaya’s expansion to several big cities in the country, you can feel your favorite neighbor mart being placed in this country.

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