A Complete Guide to Paris Airport Transportation for Getting Around

Going to the center of Paris is going to take a while if you come from the Paris airport. It is due to the fact that the distance between the city and the airport is around 26 kilometers. However, getting on the right Paris Airport transportation method will make it easier to reach the city center.

You can follow this information to get to know the transportation method, the fare, and how it operates.

Paris Airport Transportation

Paris Airport Transportation

The Paris airport, or Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), has many transportation methods. It is because the government recognizes how the airport’s location affects the interval time to reach the city center.

However, it was intentional for the airport to distance itself from Paris city. It was premeditated to avoid traffic jams in the busy city. To decide which Paris airport transportation mode to choose, public and private transportation is available.

Public Transportation

There are several public transportation methods in Paris after arriving at the airport. Some methods do not need a reservation, and you can directly get on them during interval time.

Moreover, the fare usually is also cheaper compared to the private one.

The public transportation is buses, taxis, trains, and shuttles.

1. Bus

Paris Airport Transportation

The Paris airport operates a bus line inside the station where Roissy Bus is running. In addition, the Paris Airport bus has its own stop and ticketing service at the airport.

Before you get on the bus, check the scheduled time and the map where the bus will take you.

The interval time is around 15 to 20 minutes for each bus to stop. Moreover, it takes from 60 to 75 minutes to reach the city center.

As for the fare, you will need to pay 12 EUR or 13 USD for a single ride. You can order it directly from the vending machine in front of the bus station.

2. Train

Train 2

The following transportation method in public is by train. The Paris airport train or RER train connects each terminal and the main hub to reach the Paris city center.

In addition, the train has two stations located in terminal 1 and terminal 3. Therefore, you can either transfer from each terminal or pay for a ride to Paris city.

For terminal transfer, there is a free Paris Airport train where you do not need to pay. In addition, if you choose to go to another destination outside the airport, you must pay around 11 to 12 EUR or 12 to 13 USD.

The interval time to wait for each train is only 5 to 10 minutes. Moreover, it’s also faster than a bus since it only takes around 30 minutes to reach the city center.

3. Taxi

Paris Airport Transportation

Another option to transfer from the airport to Paris city is by taxi. However, public taxis differ from private ones. It usually has its own spot outside the airport.

In order to get a Paris Airport taxi, you need to go to the ground floor near the parking area. Next, you will see the taxi area. Public taxis are always available unless it is during a peak hour. During a peak hour, the fare may surge higher.

Moreover, if the rate depends on the distance, taking a taxi may be quicker but not the cheapest. It takes 53 EUR or 58 USD to reach the city center. However, if you choose a taxi, it will be easier to carry your luggage.

4. Private Transportation

 Private Transportation

Public transportation is quite easy and accessible, but it may be a hassle for people with fast mobility. For example, you want to reach the city within an hour, but you must wait 20 minutes for the bus or train to arrive. Hence, it will not help if you want to arrive in the city quickly.

As an alternative, you can choose to make a reservation using a private transportation method. Once you book private transportation, you can decide on the pick up time and the destination.

Here are the options for your private transportation.

5. Shuttle Vans

Paris Airport Transportation

You can have a shared shuttle van with other passengers or have it for your family members. To book a Paris airport shuttle van, you need to make a reservation 24 hours before you arrive at maximum.

You do not need to wait as they will pick you up at the destination. As for the price, it ranges from the provider. Parishuttle charges 16 to 25 Euro or USD.

Paris Airport Shuttle van service charges 48 Euro or USD per person.

6. Private Car

Paris Airport Transportation

For solo travelers who want to have the freedom of exploring the city alone, you can rent a private car. Moreover, you can also select the type of cars to drive. In renting a private car, you can include a personal driver or drive the car by yourself.

To rent a car in Paris, you need to prepare a budget starting from 133 to 150 EUR or 145 to 163 USD.

Now you have all the options of Paris airport transportation methods to choose from to get to the city center. 

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