Get Familiar with Paris Airport & Facilities Before Your Holiday

Before exploring the beauty of Paris, get to know about Paris airport, the accommodation, transportation, and the best things to do in Paris city. Paris in France is known to be a romantic city that many people idealize visiting.

As the country’s capital, Paris is well-known for the Eiffel Tower and the distinctive French language. You will first land at Paris airport when you decide to pay a visit there. Paris airport has an official name Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. It is the biggest and the center of all airports in France.

Moreover, it serves both domestic and international flights. If you are planning to go to Paris, here is the complete guide to getting to know the airport and its facilities.

About Paris Airport

Paris airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is located in Roissy en France in Paris, France. To get to the city center, it takes 23 kilometers to drive from northeast Paris. Therefore, the airport’s location is far from the capital city to avoid packed traffic.

In addition, the airport also serves as the hub of European countries, making it one of the biggest and busiest airports in Europe.

The biggest number of passengers served by the Paris airport reached 76 million in 2019 before covid hit and decreased the number. 

Furthermore, the number rises again in 2022 followed by the loosening rules of traveling abroad. In 2021, it reached 26 million passengers and kept adding.

The airport has three terminals, facilities, and other necessities, as listed below.

Terminals and Facilities

Paris airport

As stated before, Charles de Gaulle Airport has three terminals. The three of them serve different functions.

The first terminal served both domestic and international flights. In comparison, the second terminal is more exclusive to some airlines only. 

In addition, terminal 3 is the farthest of all terminal buildings, one of the newest ones. There is also Terminal 4, but the building is currently under renovation.

If you land at one of the Paris airport terminals, you can enjoy some facilities like a restaurant, bar, childcare room, currency exchange, and rest area or lounge.

You can read the link below for more information about the Paris airport terminal and its facilities.

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Paris airport

Staying near the airport is highly convenient, especially if you have to experience a flight delay or transit flight or want to stay near the airport’s vicinity.

Don’t worry. You can always choose the best and the nearest Paris airport hotel, like YOTELAIR Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, etc.

The type of hotel depends on the style, the target market, and the distance. Some are available for budget travelers, while others offer luxurious stays during your break while waiting for your next flight.

You can click on the link below to learn about the hotel facilities, distance, and booking information.

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airpaz hotel 93


Transportations 11

Getting by to the city center is a must, especially since the distance between the airport and the city center is quite far. If you are unfamiliar with which Paris airport transportation method you need to choose, you may get lost or stuck at the airport.

Furthermore, some public transportation is also available, with a train station directly right in front of Terminal 2.

Other transportation methods include taxis, private cars, city buses, and rented limousines.

In addition, some public transportation is available to pay on the spot, while private transportation may need a reservation first.

You can click the link below to know more about the transportation method at Paris airport.

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Duty-Free Shops

Paris airport

Paris is an exotic city where many globally famous brands originated from this city. Coming to the town is an opportunity to get the latest and original branded items.

However, if you bring branded items outside the airport, you may need to get a custom check and pay additional tax.

It will be a different case if you buy it at the Paris airport duty-free shop. In addition to all the necessary facilities, you can also shop at the duty-free shop.

The benefit of shopping at the store inside the airport is all the items are allowed to bring to the flight.

Hence, you will not need to go to a customs check or pay an additional fee. Get to know the products and the price range available at the duty-free shop here.

Best Things to Do in Paris

Paris airport

There are many exciting and thrilling activities to do in Paris. From trying their distinctive food, visiting the Eiffel Tower, and shopping at their luxury brand center.

Not only can you bring some Parisian items, but you can also enjoy the beautiful vibe of Paris city.

While there are many other beautiful European cities, Paris will definitely give you the best memories. Below is the list of the best things to do in Paris to make your holiday the best one you will ever have.

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Now that you have the starting points on how to explore Paris airport and all the accommodations the city offers, you can directly book a flight. To get a competitive price, book your ticket at Airpaz.


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