Patong Beach Main Attractions and the Non-Stop Activities

Phuket is one big island, home to many beaches. Among beaches that you can find and visit, Patong Beach is definitely the most popular one. If you want to have fun, enjoy the nightlife, and immerse in its various non-stop activities, then this beach would be your most ideal destination.

About Patong Beach

Patong Beach - About Patong Beach

As it was mentioned before, Patong Beach is about having fun and partying all night long! This is a perfect place for shopping and partying, dedicated for singles, friends, and outgoing couples. Mind you, though, that this beach isn’t for those who are looking for a quiet getaway. It can be quite messy and always busy with activities. But if you don’t mind the crowd and the sound, then this would be a perfect place for you.

If you have to describe Patong, the words that come to mind may be: loud, crowded, bright, and bold. You won’t find any quiet spot there because everywhere is packed with people. What makes Patong so popular is the wild nightlife and the gorgeous beach. Not to mention that this area has been designed as a tourist spot, so dining, shopping, and other entertainments can be found easily.

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The Main Attractions

Patong Beach - The Main Attractions

Beach of Patong stretches around 4 kilometres long. It can be crowded and literally packed with people. If you want to enjoy the less crowded spot, head to the northern area which is quite close to Novotel Phuket. Tourists find shopping in Patong fun and somewhat energizing. You can find almost anything there – tailors, souvenir shops, night markets, and so much more. Not to mention that you can also find restaurants and a shopping mall.

Reaching Patong Beach

Patong Beach - Reaching Patong Beach

There are some options to get you to the beach. The bus is the most economical option. No need to worry, it is quite efficient and safe. Not to mention that there is a bus from Phuket Airport each hour. Just go to the ticket counter (close to the airport exit) and choose your destination directly to Patong Beach – which also goes to Karon and Kata Beach. The fare is 150 baths to Patong and 200 baths to Karon or Kata. If you can’t find the ticket counter, just go to the driver and buy from them.

The minivan is another alternative transportation to go to the beach. You will have to pay 150 baths to Patong and 180 baths to Karon or Kata. If you don’t like being crammed with other people, use the metered taxi. Simply tell the driver your destination and they will be ready with the meter. Besides the fare, you will also have to pay 100 baths for the airport fee. Limousine taxi is the premium taxi service. You will have to pay more but you will enjoy the plush and more comfortable setting.

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If you want to drive, you should rent a car. It will give you the flexibility and access to move around. Of course, you can always rent a motorcycle, but if you have tons of luggage or you are travelling with more than 2 people, then renting the car would be a wise option. Be sure to prepare your international driver license and passport. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to rent a car at all.

If the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach are so appealing to you, then you should visit it on your next holiday. Plan early. Go to Airpaz to reserve your flights. You can probably enjoy nice discounts or special offers.


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