Pattaya Beach for Fun Seekers and Family Travelers

Are you looking for fun activities and attractions in Thailand?

Yes! You can go Pattaya Beach in Thailand. What it is?

Thailand Pattaya Beach is one of the best beach resorts in Asia. Situated on the Gulf of Thailand, the Pattaya distance from Bangkok airport is only 1.5 hours by car.

The beach was only a small fishing village. In 1961, Americans arrived on the beach for the first time to relax after the fight in a Vietnam War. Nowadays, Pattaya Beach has become beach resort visited by millions of tourists every year. Let’s see the beautiful Pattaya Beach below;

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Pattaya Beach Attractions

pattaya beach - attractions

There are two beaches in Pattaya. The first beach is in line to the town center. The second one is called Jomtien Beach, located at the south and offers the more relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for family vacation.

Pattaya is well-known with the nightlife, but it also has other kinds of attractions such as a big botanical garden, the amusement park, and kinds of water sports, shopping center, and museums. Pattaya Beach is also well-known with the floating market, walking the street and Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

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Activities in Pattaya Beach


If you plan to travel to Pattaya Beach Thailand, there are many activities that can be enjoyed during the vacation. It will be great to go to the nearby islands of Pattaya.

The first island is called Coral Island or Koh Larn where you can have scuba diving, snorkeling, or enjoying water sports such as parasailing, and banana boat riding.

While if you prefer enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, Koh Si Chang Island will be the best place to go. The small beach offers beautiful sunset, historical sites, and temples to visit, as well as good seafood.

For those who travel with kids, visiting pattayaTheme Parks will be a great choice. Inside the theme parks, there is a stone park that has been million years old. Besides, it also features Crocodile Farm with its numerous crocodiles, other animal species, and beautiful gardens.

Another feature is Mini Siam that shows the miniatures of popular sites in Thailand and World. The kids will also love playing in the Thailand’s largest water parks near the location of Pattaya beach. Furthermore, Pattaya also the place to see underwater world giant aquarium and playing golf in one of many courses.

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