Pay Extra for Tourist Tax when Leaving Japan

Are you planning to spend holidays with family in Japan to start this year? New Year celebration is still on the air. It is not too late to have quality time with the kids by vacation. But, have you heard the latest news about tourism policy in the country of Sakura, inclluding tourist tax?

Departure Tax or Sayonara Tax

Departure Tax or Sayonara Tax

Japan government has just officially imposed tourist tax since January 7th 2019. Some people call it a sayonara tax because they have to pay for 1,000 yen per departure whenever leaving Japan by air or sea.

What is the money for? You may ask. But the authorities explain the allocation will cover three areas, i.e.:

  • Creating a tourist environment that is more comfortable and out of stress
  • Improving the access to information about a number of attractions in Japan
  • Developing the tourist resources taking advantage of the unique cultural and natural assets of respective regions

Who has to pay for sayonara tax?

Taxpayers are passengers who leave Japan, both local and foreign tourists, by ship or aeroplane. As the rule is applied only from January 7th 2019, those who depart from Japan on this day or after while their tickets were issued at the previous days, won’t get charged. Children under 2 years old are also free of charge.

The scheme of international tourist tax

Sayonara tax is charged when you are about to leave Japan. It will be included in the cruise or air ticket price. If you take the vacation with the travel agency assistance, this company is also going to take care of your tourist tax. You just have to pay the extra money along when purchasing the tickets. The travel agency will notify the airlines about the ticket and tax payment. It is how they get the right to sell tickets to you.

Still, want to visit Japan? Why Not?

Japan Attraction

You probably think to go to Japan during cherry blossom season. well, this moment is one of most awaited attractions by both local and foreign tourists. The parks, temples, shops and temples will be full of people. Seeing the crowded atmosphere, it can be tough to travel with children. That is why you need to anticipate this situation or just avoid the peak season.

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Fortunately, Japan has full choices of attractions for all ages, including:

1. Theme parks

There are many amusement sites spread on every corner of Japan. Your kids surely do not want to miss the international and classic ones like Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios. There are also DisneySea, Fuji Q High Land, Sanrio Puroland, and even Edo Wonderland.

2. Aquariums

As an archipelago country, Japan is made up from a number of islands. This makes the country famous as well for its maritime world. A great spot to appreciate the sea life is visiting Okinawa Churaui Aquarium, the second biggest in the globe which hosts whale sharks, dolphins and more. If you take kids to check out Kaikyokan, they will get impressed with the ancient fish, a blue whale skeleton and an adorable penguin walk.

3. Zoos

Nature itself is rich in attractions. Many animals are also housed in a more friendly environment in conservation-themed zoos. Take for example big cats, orangutans and more living in Tama Zoological Park. There is also Adventure World, the home for pandas, safari animals, and others.

4. Museums

Museums in Japan do not only host historical memories from the past. It presents various things that are educational and also entertaining. You won’t only find the skeleton of dinosaurs. Depending on the themes, museums in Japan also display modern stuff like robots.

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Well, it seems you really have a lot of choices where to go with kids when visiting Japan this year. But remember to spare extra cash to pay off the tourist “sayonara” tax on your leaving air tickets.


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