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Getting to know the terminal area at Penang International Airport before your flight to Penang can be a lifesaver when you’re running errands here. Therefore, read this quick guide to the Penang Airport terminal.

Not only will you get to know the position of the domestic and international terminals, but also the various facilities and lounges available here. Let’s check it out!

Penang Airport Terminals

Penang Airport Terminals

PEN Airport currently operates from a single terminal building, accommodating both domestic and international flights.

The international flights at the airport provide connections to several Asian cities, including Jakarta, Medan, Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bangkok.

Recognizing the escalating passenger traffic to Penang Airport terminal, the Malaysian Federal Government has announced plans for expansion.

This expansion aims to increase the airport’s total passenger capacity to 12 million by 2029. Presently, the maximum annual passenger capacity stands at around 6.5 million per year.

Penang Airport terminal building is currently organized across three levels. The first level serves as the arrival area and houses lanes for various airport transportation modes.

On the second level, you’ll find the departure area, while the third level functions as a hub for various services and VIP lounges at Penang Airport terminal.

Numerous airlines operate from here, including Air Asia, China Airlines, and Malaysia Airlines. Click here for a comprehensive list of airlines. 

Penang Airport International Terminal

Penang Airport International Terminal

The International Terminal at PEN Airport spans the first and second levels. The first level houses the arrivals area, while the second level encompasses the departure and boarding sections.

For those newly arrived at the International Terminal’s arrivals area, a variety of airport transportation options are readily accessible. Choices include taxis, buses, shuttles, ride-sharing apps, and more.

Facilities and Services at Penang Airport Terminal

During your time at the airport, you can avail yourself of diverse facilities and services, including:

  • Baby Care Room. If you need to change diapers or breastfeed your child, you can utilize the baby care room located on level two, situated just behind McDonald’s.
  • Wi-Fi. All passengers can utilize the “Airport@WiFi” network to access the Wi-Fi service throughout the airport.
  • Medical Clinic. Passengers feeling unwell or seeking health checks before or after their flight can visit the medical clinic located on level 1.
  • Muslim Prayer Room. Four prayer locations are available, including the Arrival Concourse, VIP room, International Departure, and Domestic Departure.
  • Charging Station. For those without power banks, the charging station enables you to charge your devices.
  • Smoking Lounge. A designated smoking lounge caters to smokers, ensuring their convenience without disturbing fellow passengers.
  • Shower Facility. Passengers can refresh themselves at the CIC toilet located on level 2.
  • Food and Drinks. Various local eateries and fast food counters are present in each terminal.


Passengers desiring a tranquil rest and comprehensive amenities can access the Penang Airport Terminal International Lounge options:

  • Plaza Premium Lounge. Located on level three of the international area, this lounge offers snacks, premium food, telephones, Wi-Fi, newspapers, and flight monitors for three hours at MYR 175.29 or USD 38.55.
  • Cathay Pacific Lounge. Similar to the Plaza Premium Lounge, it’s situated in the international area and provides amenities such as Wi-Fi, TV, telephones, magazines, and food.

Penang Airport Domestic Terminal

A plane parking at Penang Airport domestic terminal

Penang Airport domestic departure and arrival terminals are situated on the first and second levels of the airport building. If you are commencing your journey from another part of Malaysia, this is the Penang Airport terminal you will utilize.

Facilities and Services

The domestic terminal offers a range of facilities, including:

  • Food and Drinks. Numerous dining options are available, encompassing both local and fast-food restaurants.
  • Children Playground. While awaiting your flight, you can take your children to the designated playground area to expend their energy, aiding in their rest during the flight.
  • Wi-Fi. All passengers can avail themselves of the “Airport@WiFi” network to access the Wi-Fi service throughout the terminal.
  • Baby Care Room. If you need to attend to diaper changes or breastfeeding, a baby care room is conveniently located on level two, just behind McDonald’s.
  • Medical Clinic. Passengers can have their health assessed here, either before or after their flight. The clinic is situated on level 1.
  • Shower Facility. Should you require a shower, the CIC restroom on level 2 provides this amenity.
  • Muslim Prayer Room. Four prayer locations are available: Arrival Concourse, VIP room, International Departure, and Domestic Departure.
  • Charging Station. A charging station with several specialized ports is available for passengers to charge their devices.
  • Smoking Lounge. A designated smoking lounge caters to smokers, ensuring their convenience without disturbing fellow passengers.


The Domestic Terminal houses one lounge—the Plaza Premium Lounge—positioned on level three within the domestic area.

The lounge operates daily from 05:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Access to this lounge requires a fee of MYR 175.29 or USD 38.55 for a three-hour stay.

The lounge offers amenities such as flight monitors, Wi-Fi, snacks, food, telephones, newspapers, and internet terminals.

With this guide to the Penang Airport terminal, you will navigate your way comfortably during your stay. To enhance your trip’s convenience, consider booking your flight ticket through Airpaz


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