Enhance Your Penang Airport Experience With This Guide!

Spending your vacation in Penang, Malaysia, is one of the best choices to ensure an unforgettable experience. Alongside jotting down various tourist attractions, make sure to acquaint yourself with a brief introduction to Penang Airport.

Having knowledge of the airport in your destination country can greatly facilitate handling administrative tasks and transportation to your hotel. Take a look at the guidelines for Penang International Airport provided in the article below!

About Penang Airport

Penang Airport

Penang International Airport (PEN) serves as the gateway to Penang, welcoming both locals and global travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the uniqueness and beauty of this region.

The airport holds a three-star rating according to Skytrax, evaluated based on its services, cleanliness, facilities, food and beverages, comfort, and shopping options.

In addition to being a hub for budget airlines like AirAsia and Firefly, the airport also accommodates major carriers, including Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, and MASkargo.

Despite its size, PEN Airport offers an array of facilities and services tailored to meet your needs.

Given its manageable size, you will find it quite convenient to familiarize yourself with the layout and amenities of this airport.

Penang Airport Terminals

Penang Airport Terminals

In spite of handling numerous international flights and serving as the main gateway to Penang, the airport operates with a single terminal.

Nonetheless, the facilities within this terminal are highly comprehensive. The first level encompasses the arrival area and transportation access, while the second level serves as the boarding and departure zone. Finally, the last level comprises a variety of services and VIP lounges.

A range of services is available at the Penang Airport terminal, including duty-free shops, medical services, complimentary Wi-Fi, prayer rooms, smoking areas, currency exchange, showers, and more.

For passengers seeking comfort and tranquility while awaiting their flights, three lounges can be rented within the terminal: the Cathay Pacific Lounge and Plaza Premium Lounge, both strategically positioned for domestic and international departures.

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Penang Airport Restaurants

Penang Airport Restaurants

Typically, airline passengers arrive at the airport a few hours ahead of time to mitigate potential unforeseen circumstances on the road or within the airport itself. Consequently, you might overlook planning a meal from home or your hotel.

To address this, the airport offers dining options within its premises. A selection of restaurants and cafes includes Noodles, OldTown White Coffee, Starbucks Coffee, Tealive, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Nasi Kandar Line Clear.

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Penang Airport Hotels

Penang Airport Hotels

For travelers, opting to stay at hotels near the airport stands as one of the most considerate decisions, given their proximity to diverse transportation options and local attractions.

You can also take a cue from this approach. Penang Airport hotels are strategically positioned, facilitating convenient access to various destinations.

However, beyond location, it’s crucial to ascertain that the hotel offers amenities and rates aligning with your budget and requirements.

A selection of hotels meeting these criteria includes Pen Mutiara Hotel, Raia Inn Penang, Eastin Hotel, Amari SPICE Penang, and Eureka Hotel.

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Penang Airport Transportations

Penang Airport Transportations

When vacationing in another country, It is common not to have your own vehicle. Therefore, you must know the various modes of Penang Airport transport to select the most suitable one.

You can opt for public transportation for a more economical choice, or you might prefer a private vehicle for enhanced comfort and safety.

A range of transportation alternatives is at your disposal, including buses, taxis, motorbike or scooter rentals, and ferries.

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Best Things to Do in Penang

Best Things to Do in Penang

Penang stands as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations, an essential visit in your lifetime. With a multitude of attractions, selecting which places to explore becomes a must.

If your time for vacation is limited and you yearn to soak in Penang’s essence, consider engaging in some of the following enriching activities:

Exploring George Town

Budget-friendly and captivating, exploring George Town is a prime pursuit. This locale is a haven for photography enthusiasts, as nearly every wall and building dons intricate street art.

Indulging in Penang’s Street Food

Embarking on a culinary adventure is imperative! 

Hence, prioritize Penang’s street food. Your appetite will be perpetually satisfied, given the myriad of options.

This region is renowned for its amalgamation of three cultures: Chinese, Malay, and Indian, resulting in a delectable fusion of flavors.

Ascending Penang Hill

Ascending Penang Hill might entail an extra exertion, but the payoff upon reaching the summit is immeasurable. The pinnacle offers an exceptional vista of the island, particularly during sunny afternoons.

For those disinclined towards climbing, a cable car is available.

Test Your Guts at The Komtar

Dare to challenge yourself by traversing the “Rainbow Walkway,” relishing the cityscape from the rooftop, or simply strolling around the tower’s exterior and capturing the moment.

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The aforementioned Penang Airport guidelines have furnished you with indispensable information, correct? If so, commence planning your excursion and secure your flight tickets through Airpaz. The process is simple and swift! 


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