Phang Nga Bay in Thailand for Adventure Lovers

Phang Nga Bay in Thailand is the right place to feed your hunger for real adventure. Found in the Strait of Malacca, Phang Nga Bay is a very famous vacation destination among those who love the native wildlife. This large bay area also has been protected by Phang Nga bay national park since 1981 to maintain its sustainability.

Facts about Phang Nga Bay

phang nga bay

There are interesting facts that you must learn about Phang Nga Bay Thailand, including:

• James Bond Island
Also called as Koh Ta-Pu or Nail Island, this landmark is very popular started during the filming of James Bond Movie, The Man with the Golden Gun. It is even the most visited area among other Phang Nga bay attractions where you will find the spectacular rocky pinnacle.

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• Koh Panyee
It is where you can enjoy the lunchtime after exploring James Bond Island. You will be able to enjoy foods and shop for handicrafts in this great village, situated over water on stilts and guarded by a very big rock monolith on its behind.

• Samet Nangshe Viewpoint
Though it is not more known as the vital attraction of Phang Nga Bay Thailand, it still provides great panorama over the limestone islets. You can see the 180-degree if breathtaking view.

• Cruising Phang Nga Bay
If you love water adventure, do not miss the chance to jump on a boat exploring the bay. The calm water will take you to enjoy the beautiful wonders and a lot of wildlife.

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• Limestone Cliffs of Phang Nga Bay
The limestone cliffs have added the exotic taste of Phang Nga bay Thailand. It is the right place to study the process of limestone formation.

• Hongs of Phang Nga
Test your braveness to discover the lost worlds. Hongs or rooms are collapsed cave systems where the doors open to the sky and surrounded by the high limestone walls.

Best Time to Visit Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga bay weather depends on the three seasons, i.e. cool (quite hot), hot (very hot) and rainy (hot and wet). Among them, the cool season is the most recommended time to visit the bay.

Things to Do in Phang Nga Bay

The main thing to do when visiting Phang Nga Bay Thailand is seeing the beautiful limestone cliffs that you can see almost everywhere. You may have seen them in movies, especially James Bond and Star Wars. So, your adventure can be started from the surrounding attractions. You can even spend the great vacation moment in numerous water activities like fishing Phang Nga Bay, snorkelling and rock climbing.

How to Go to Phang Nga Bay from Phuket

There are several ways to travel from Phuket airport to Phang Nga Bay. You can simply drive a car passing the road at Phang Nga town. You can also book boat riding and day trip from the hotel. If you have decided to go to Phang Nga Bay in Thailand, place an order for the airline tickets at Airpaz.


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