The Impressive Temple Complex of Phanom Rung Thailand

Phanom Rung Temple Thailand is one of the most amazing temples of Khmer in the country. Established in the Angkor Style in 10th to 13th century, it is a Hindu temple for Shiva. The official name of the temple is Prasat Hin Phanom Rung. Built in the same area with Muang Tum in Buriram Province, on a hilltop as the symbol of Hinduism holy Mount Kailash where Shiva lived.

Phanom Rung Architecture


Phanom Rung Thailand was built in Angkor Style. A 160 meter long walkway welcomes the visitors guiding to the temple. Visitors will amaze the beautifully established main tower and the stairs along the walkway. On the right side, a pavilion for the King’s ceremonies was beautifully designed as well. A Naga Bridge and a wide stairway are at the walkway’s end. Then continue to see the second Naga Bridge where an Inner Sanctuary is inside. The Naga Bridges are the symbols of the way from the earth to the Gods place.

Inside the Inner Sanctuary, many wonderful decorations found, including the lintels and pediments on the gates’ top, Hindu Gods carvings and so on.The main tower made from pink sandstone is also inside the sanctuary. The 9 meters wide and 23 meters high tower represents the center of the universe in Hinduism called Mount Meru.

A sacred linga also features the sanctuary. Besides, there are also 2 brick towers and a smaller tower around the main tower. It is the oldest towers built in 10th to 11th century. Many sacred Hindu Scripts are also stored inside the two libraries of the sanctuary. Some ponds are also found around the temple as the symbol of oceans that surround the Mount Meru.

At 13 April every year, Phanom Rung Festival is held to celebrate the special phenomenon occurs at the temple on the same date. The phenomenon is when the sun rays shine through the temple’s 15 portals and then making a mystical environment. The festival performs Gods honoring procession, dance performances, light shows, and fireworks.

Phanom Rung Opening Hours and Admission


Phanom Rung historical park opens daily from 6 am to 6 pm. The PhanomRung entrance fee is 100 baht and if you want to purchase a combo ticket to Muang Tum, it costs 150 baht. The historical temple complex is always busy on weekends and public holidays. It is better to visit on weekdays when the temple is quieter.

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