Phi-Phi Island and Types of Attractions to Find There

If you have watched The Beach, a movie by Leonardo DiCaprio, you know that there is heaven in some part of Thailand. Well, there you are! You can always go to Phi-Phi Island and enjoy the view – as well as the attractions. We all know that Thailand is packed with interesting things, especially for tourists and travellers. So, what can you expect from this island?

About the Island

Phi-Phi Island - About the Island

Phi-Phi is actually a group of islands – six of them, to be exact. There are two main islands there: Phi-Phi Leh and Phi-Phi Don. The latter one is bigger and you can stay there. That’s why resorts and lodgings are built there. The previous one is smaller, but it is home to naturally beautiful and gorgeous beaches and bays. It is home to Maya Beach, the movie set of The Beach.

Things to Do and Places to Visit

Phi-Phi Island - Things to Do and Places to Visit

One of the main attractions in this island is snorkelling. You can head to Bamboo Island, tropical heaven just 5 kilometres away from Phi-Phi Don. The place has white sand strip surrounding it while the central part is filled with lush greeneries and vegetations, including the bamboo. Feel free to swim or snorkel around the beautiful coral reefs. There is a small bar where you can enjoy the snacks and drinks. If you don’t mind sleeping in tents, you can spend a night here.

If you don’t really like adventurous activities, why don’t you join Pum’s Thai cooking school? When you join the class, you can learn the techniques and ingredients. It’s a guarantee that your Thai cuisine will improve after joining the class. It is located in Central Ton Sai village. You can take 30 minutes class (making one or even two recipes) or the 3 hours class where you can learn the herbs, sauces, and veggies while making 3 recipes. This isn’t only fun but also educational – and tasty!

Another option is joining Captain Bob’s Sailing Booze cruise. If you want to visit beautiful places on a boat while partying, join this tour. The tour will depart from Tonsai Bay at 1 PM. Besides visiting places like Loh Samah, Pi-Leh Bay, or Maya Bay, it also features kayaking, monkey feeding, fishing, and snorkelling. The beer is unlimited, of course. If you join the tour, snacks, fruits, and lunch would be included. This one is perfect for those beer drinkers and partygoers.

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Going to the Island

Phi-Phi Island - Going to the Island

This island is 46 kilometres away from Phuket. You have two major options to reach the island: using the speedboats or the ferries. The ferries are the most popular pick. From Rassada Pier in Phuket, it takes 2 hours to reach Phi-Phi. From Koh Lanta or Krabi, it takes 90 minutes. The ferry terminal alone (from Phuket Airport) is around one hour of driving. If you arrive in Krabi, the terminal (Klong Jirad) is only 30 minutes away from Krabi Airport. If you use the bus from Bangkok, simply go to Bokoso. There is a local bus or taxi to reach the island.

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Once you arrive in Phi-Phi, you won’t find any bus or taxi. You only need to cycle or walk to explore the island. Since it isn’t a big island, getting around is quite easy and convenient. If you want to travel between islands, you’d better choose the long-tail boat. It costs only 150 baths a person for a shorter trip. If you want a longer one, you will be charged hourly.

Sounds like Phi-Phi is your next ideal holiday destination? Maybe you should plan ahead and book everything early. Don’t forget to reserve your flights with Airpaz as well as planning your itinerary.



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