Phoenix Airport Facilities: A Complete Guide for Travelers

If you’re planning a trip to Phoenix through its airport, it’s advisable to acquaint yourself with its facilities. You can do so by following the guide provided in the following article on Phoenix Airport facilities.

Phoenix Airport Facilities

Phoenix Airport facilities

PHX Airport offers a plethora of amenities for travelers, meticulously designed for convenience. From nursing rooms and water bottle filling stations to ATMs and dining options, it caters to diverse needs. Whether you’re seeking a quick bite, searching for an ATM, or attending to your little one, PHX has you covered with all the essentials.

Facilities at Phoenix Airport

Facilities at Phoenix Airport

Here are some Phoenix Airport facilities available, along with their details and locations within the airport.

1. Passport Control

Passport Control is situated on the International Arrivals Level 1 upon arrival at PHX. An exciting update is the introduction of CBP Mobile Passport Control, allowing eligible travelers to breeze through US arrival processes by submitting passport info and answering inspection questions beforehand. 

This app reduces paperwork, speeds up processing, and cuts wait times, all for free. 

2. Baggage Claim

Getting your baggage at PHX is a seamless process. Simply head to T4, level one, where the baggage claim is located. This area also serves as the arrival pick-up point and ground transit hub. 

Don’t fret about navigating between terminals; the PHX sky train connects T3 and the Valley Metro Rail Station, stopping at T4 and the east economy parking lot along the way.

3. Lost & Found

If you lose something on the plane or at the terminals, contact the airline immediately. For items lost at security, visit here and fill out a form specifying Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Expect a response in about five business days.

For items left in common areas like terminals or the PHX Sky Train, contact the Sky Harbor Lost and Found via phone at 602-273-3333 or email at 

Remember, they hold items for ten days (except keys, which have a 30-day grace period) before determining their fate.

4. Water Bottle Filling Station – Newest Phoenix Airport Facilities

Now, you can fill up your water bottles with chilled, filtered water before your flight. Terminal 4 (T4) boasts seven stations, Terminal 3 (T3) has four, and Terminal 2 (T2) has two. It’s a convenient Phoenix Airport facilities to stay hydrated, and it’s eco-friendly – you can bring your reusable bottle through security and refill it on the go. These stations are conveniently located right by the drinking fountains, ensuring you won’t miss them on your way to the gate.

5. Nursing Rooms

The airport provides nursing stations in every terminal, both before and after security. These rooms are equipped with all the essentials: a sink, soap, hand sanitizer, a baby changing room, comfy seating, and even an electrical outlet. 

T4 goes the extra mile with four Mamava nursing pods after security, complete with a bench, fold-down table, and outlet. In T3, you’ll find stations near baggage claim, across from Gate F5 and Gate E5. 

Additionally, nursing pods are available at the Rental Car Center, too. In T4, look out for them near the family restroom, Starbucks, and various gates. With these convenient spots, you and your little one can travel with ease and comfort.

6. Sim Cards

If you need a SIM card at Phoenix Sky Harbor, here’s where to go. In T3, you can grab them at InMotion Entertainment post-security. Over in T4, you’ve got a few options: eSavvy carries them at Gates A1-A14 and Gates C1-C9, while InMotion Entertainment has them at Gates B1-B14 and D1-D8. 

Plus, you can also snag SIM cards at the iStore on Level 3 before security.

7. Foods & Drinks

Sky Harbor Airport is one of Phoenix Airport Facilities. It has you covered with a variety of dining and drinking options. In T3 pre-security, you’ll find Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Post-security, there’s Starbucks to keep you caffeinated.

In T4 pre-security, you’ll find an array of restaurants like Blue Mesa Tacos, Chelsea’s Kitchen, and Wildflower Bread Co., along with coffee spots like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

As you move through the gates in T4, you can enjoy everything from Mexican cuisine at Blanco Tacos & Tequila to burgers at Deluxburger. Don’t worry; there’s something to suit every taste bud here!

8. ATMs

You’ll find Bank of America ATMs as one of Phoenix Airport facilities that are conveniently located in T3 pre-security near Baggage Claim Door 5 and post-security near Gate F5 and the entrance to E Concourse. 

In T4, there are more options: pre-security on Level 1 and Level 2 and post-security near Gates A1, B1, C1, and D1. Easy access for your banking needs!

That’s a brief explanation of Phoenix Airport facilities. I hope you find it helpful. Secure your plane tickets to Phoenix and various destinations worldwide hassle-free through Airpaz. Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey!


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