The Journey to Explore Phu Ruea National Park Thailand

Phu Ruea National Park Thailand is located in about 45 kilometers from Loei Town. It features a huge sloping mountain covered by thick forest and houses various types of wild orchids. Phu Ruea means “Boat Mountain”. The name was given because the mountain is like a huge Chinese trading junk boat. Situated on the 1,365 meters high point, the national park is one of the places with the coldest temperature in Thailand.

Phu Ruea National Park Attractions

Besides the well-known beautiful wild orchids, Phu Ruea National Park is also a home for bears, monkeys, wild boar, turtles, barking deer, and snakes. When the winter starts migratory birds from China make the national park as their stop. From the mountain, flow some streams and small rivers that come out from the hills. The beauty is also featured by the windswept grassland that blankets a part of the mountain.

Phu Ruea National Entrance Fee

The journey to explore the Phu Ruea national park location starts from the Phu Ruea village. The entrance fee is 200 baht, paid at the visitor center. Before you start exploring the national park on a songthaew or your own car, make sure you have gotten the brochures and maps. It will give much information about the jungle to explore.

Entrance fee 1

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Phu Ruea National Park Activities

The main activities at the national park are certainly hiking and exploring the wildlife. On the way to the peak of the mountain, there are many viewpoints where you can see the beautiful scenery and unique rock formations. When you arrive at the second parking area, the peak is only 500 meters far. Then you can continue walking or taking a songthaew. Amazingly beautiful views of agricultural fields and slopes are visible on the top, including the Mekong and Huang Rivers when the weather is clear.

The next spot to enjoy is a couple of waterfalls in the west part of the national park. The area is also a place of campground among the pine forest, visitor center, and tent and supply rental. The visitor center also provides convenience shops and basic restaurants that operate in limited hours.

Phu Ruea National Park Accommodation

At the main visitor center, they provide five cabins in quite a large size for four guests. It costs from 2,000 to 3,000 baht per night. If you go outside the gate, there are many small resorts on the access road and the Route 203, the room costs from 500 baht.

To travel to Thailand and visit the national park, you certainly should book the flight first. Use Airpaz website for easier booking and purchasing the tickets. From the nearest airport to Phu Rua National park, you can take the bus that passes the Route 203 because the gate is only at the north of the route. Happy traveling.


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