Phuket Terminal Airport and the Guide of the Place

If you are coming to Phuket, it’s a guarantee that you will have to use Phuket International Airport as your entrance gate to the island. The international airport is pretty simple in the arrangement and layout so it shouldn’t be difficult to find your way around. It doesn’t hurt to know the basic layout of the place. Or you can always ask the officer at the service area to make your way through. here’s the information about phuket terminal airport

About Phuket Airport

Phuket Airport - About Phuket Airport

As it was mentioned before, Phuket Airport is your gate to access the island, especially if you are coming from another country. Phuket is often referred to as a paradise on earth because of the scenic beauty and natural appeal. Located on the southern part of Thailand, it is always packed and jammed with travellers from all around the world. Phuket is also popular with its resort, which attracts international tourists to come and visit them.

As you can see, Phuket airport plays a crucial role in tourism and travel aspect. It isn’t only important to the southern area but also throughout the entire kingdom. The airport alone caters to many domestic as well as international flights. With more than 16 million passengers on a yearly basis, you can say that Phuket airport is pretty busy. In fact, it is included as one of the busiest airports in Thailand (second place after Suvarnabhumi).

Phuket Terminal Airport

Phuket Airport - The Terminals

In general, Phuket Airport has 2 main terminals: Domestic and International. They are separated into 2 different buildings to make the arrangement easier. Some people say that Phuket Airport has 3 terminals with Terminal X – Charter as the third establishment. The latter terminal, however, is used for check-ins for chartered international flights.

The airport officials claim that they have upgraded the baggage handling service and system. However, they still deal with baggage processing difficulty and delay so don’t be surprised if you find yourself ‘trapped’ in a long line of passengers.

As it was mentioned before, the two terminals are located in two different buildings. Each of them has its own shops, restaurants, medical centres, and other facilities that you can find at international airports. WiFi access can be found for free despite the 2 hours-use limitations. You can also find power outlets here and there. Basically, it is pretty comfortable to spend some times at the airport – in case you have to wait long. However, if you want to have more comfort, there are some lounges that are selling entrance pass for those who want to enjoy the first-class service.

Available Facilities

Phuket Airport - Available Facilities

There are some features and facilities that are available at the airport. ATMs, for instance, can be found in both terminals, close to the Departure and Arrival halls. Not far from the hall, you can also find money changers which can be handy if you want to have some cash handy.

You can also find food and beverage stalls on both terminals – some of them are open 24 hours. It is pretty convenient and easy to find something to eat while waiting. If you enjoy shopping or window-shopping, there are some shops and duty-free stores that will cater to your needs. Power outlets and mobile charging stands can also be found easily there.

The medical centre is located in the departure region with operational hours from 6 AM to 12 PM. The pharmacy is located on the second floor of the departure area. There are also a prayer room, a spa, and also a smoking area. Despite the simple and convenient layout of the airport – and the modern facilities – they still need to improve their service.

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If you are planning to come to Phuket, be advised to plan everything early. The airport serves some inexpensive international flights, such as Jetstar or Air Asia. You can choose any of them with Airpaz. Just head to the site and have it your way!

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