Explore The Beauty of Pink Beach Lombok, Don’t Miss It!!!!

You may have heard of how Lombok is an island blessed by plenty of pale golden sand or gleaming white sand washed by delicate waves of the wonderful aquamarine sea. However, have you heard about pink sand shore? Pink beach is a rather rare phenomenon that you can find only in a handful of countries around the globe, which would include Indonesia. As if the eyes wouldn’t be indulged enough by the stretch of stunning and sparkling turquoise sea, it combines the sight with light-crimson-colored sands. Read more about the charms of the Pink Beach Lombok below.

What You Need to Know Before Visiting Pink Beach Lombok


Pink Beach, or as the local called Pantai Tangsi (Tangsi Beach), is one of few beaches that have pink sand across the countries in the world. Having a lot to offer to the visitors by itself, the beach also provides striking underwater garden if you’re up to swimming or snorkeling. Find more information about this breathtaking spot that seemingly made of the dreams in the following.

What makes the sand pink?


Let’s start with the most intriguing piece of detail here: how exactly the Pink Beach has pink-colored sand? The blush-colored shore was actually formed by the deserted materials of foraminifera or Foram, which is microscopic plankton with pink and red shells. An abundance of broken shells, coral, and calcium carbonate pieces are the culprit behind red pigment found on coral reefs.

These tiny shards were eroded by the waves and then were fused into the sand, which resulted in lovely pink-toned sand that creates exquisite contrast with the turquoise shade of the seawater. The best time to witness the beauty of this color combination is either at 10 A.M or 4 P.M – the moments often deemed as the golden hours.

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What can you do there?


The first and foremost thing to do in Pink Beach is to take some moments to bask in the scenic views that offer alluringly pink sands, greenish-blue water, blue skies, and the surrounding hills. After you have felt satisfied appreciating the scenery, you can partake in various activities there.

Beyond the spectacular views, Pink Beach Indonesia allows visitors to join in a number of available water sports. You can simply swim leisurely, dive or snorkel around, or participate in exciting kayaking.

There are plenty of fish and coral species to be enjoyed in Pink Beach. Roughly 150 meters or 500 feet from the coastline, you can find quite steep coral slopes where amazing marine biodiversity can be found. Here, you will discover various species of turtles, herd fish, coral, and rays.

There’s certainly more to be explored the more you look for. However, the serene setting of this beach also permits you to just relax and get tanned. It is also a perfect place to visit if you are passionate about nature photography and want to capture the island’s natural beauty.

Where is it?


Pink beach is nested at the perimeter of Sekaroh, a small fishing village, that’s located in Jerowaru district, Ekas peninsula. This area sits at the east coast of Lombok area which is still a rather remote region.

Pink Beach Lombok has seated approximately 82 km or 51 miles from Mataram City, the heart of West Nusa Tenggara Province. You will need 1.5 to 2.5 hours to reach the beach from Lombok International Airport.

The tourists who visit the beach typically travel from the provincial capital city, Mataram, or from the flourishing tourism center of the Island, Kuta. It is recommended for the visitors who are planning to stay for a while in the area to lodge in Kuta, as it allows easier and quicker access to the beach and provides a decent amount of accommodations such as restaurants and bars.

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How to get there?


There are several ways to get to Pink Beach Indonesia. If you feel like enjoying these by sitting peacefully in the car driven by someone else, then it’s possible to rent a car along with the driver. Local drivers can provide you with the know-how to enjoy the island optimally and may recommend some captivating spots to visit along the way.

If you are feeling particularly venturesome, you may rent a car or motorbike to ride by yourself for a reasonable price. This will allow you to enjoy the refreshing view along the journey at your own pace, which comprises or rampant rice fields, bustling livestock, and dried sweetcorn by the locals at the roadside.

From Praya district, you need to drive to Jalan Raya Keruak all the way to Jalan TGH M. Mutawalli. Around 4 to 5 km, or 2.5 to 3 miles before arriving at this Lombok beach, the road is quite rough due to a heap of potholes, so make sure you move extra carefully.

Pink beach is only one of the many interesting features of the Lombok. Despite being small, there is a lot more than this island can offer to the tourists. If you are ready to book your flight ticket and reserve a hotel room to stay in during your visit, you may drop by Airpaz.com or open Airpaz mobile app on your smartphone to help you with the accommodations.


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