There are a lot of reasons to visit Osaka – one of them is for the unique culinary exploration. Of course, it is not the only reason to visit the city. If you happen to love history and culture, you’ll love the rich cultural journey of the city. Not to mention that the city isn’t as packed and crowded as Tokyo, but it has its unique elements. It’s a guarantee that you will enjoy the one-of-a-kind travelling experience and memory. The combination of quirky destinations, cultural history, and unique foods will satisfy your travelling needs. But what kind of itinerary should you have?

Osaka Castle

osaka castle

This is the icon of the city, combining modern and traditional elements. The castle itself was built in 1583 and it is now a place where you can learn about the history of the city. With traditional construction on the outside and modern interior, you’d love spending time in the castle. A lot of tourists love the castle’s ground, with the gates, a moat, and also Nishinomaru Garden. It has 600 cherry trees so it is only logical if the garden is usually packed with people for cherry blossom viewing.

Shinsekai District

shinsekai district

The most unique thing about the place is the Tsutenkaku Tower that is located right in the middle of the district. It looks like the Eiffel Tower. The area was developed and grown before the first World War but it was forgotten.

The district is vibrant and lively. You can find Osaka Spa World, which is the popular public bath complex. There are some big (natural) hot spring pools with gender separation and themed floors. The area is also famous for the Kushikatsu, one of the popular foods. It is a type of snack (made from veggies or meat or even ice cream) that is battered and fried on a skewer.


dotonbori osaka

Another popular tourist attraction with its food, entertainment, and shopping. Finding street foods is fairly easy. Want to buy souvenirs or other merchandise? Be my guest! The place is mostly crowded at night and you will be pampered with the nice smell of freshly cooked variants.

Universal Studios


universal studios

This is a fun theme park that is loved by all families –kids and adults love going here. However, don’t forget to arrange and manage the ticket because it is pretty costly. If you want to enter the park, the main ticket is Studio Pass. There is one day pass (¥7,400) and a two-day pass (¥14,700). This is the perfect ticket if you don’t want to try all the rides. However, if you do want to get into all rides, go with the Express Pass which allows you to get to your rides without having to wait in lines. Plan this because the passes are pricey.

Nara Park

nara park osaka

Want some outdoor time and hangout with deer? Go to Nara Park. The deer are roaming freely and they aren’t shy to humans. You can also buy some snacks for them but don’t be alarmed when they start swarming around you – it’s the snack they are after!

Osaka Aquarium

osaka aquarium

The aquarium is impressive and massive – kids love looking at different kinds of marine animals. The construction of the aquarium allows you to see the fish at different angles. The entrance fee is ¥2,300.


shinsaibashi suji osaka

This shopping destination covers an area of 600 meters in between Namba and Umeda Districts. You can find local boutiques, (branded) chain stores, and also restaurants. It is connected to Dotonbori too.

Exploring Osaka

osaka route

If you want to travel conveniently in Osaka, use the metro – it connects major areas within the city. You can also use the buses – do your research about the routes. Using public transportation is cheaper.

If you are ready to explore Osaka, be sure to plan. There are some general air carriers like AirAsia Japan or Japan Airlines that you can choose at