Popular Japanese Foods All Around the World

Do you know that food is one of the most important cultural elements in Japan? Japanese people honor their traditional foods so much – often paying a great tribute and respect to the preparation and cooking. It is probably one contributing factors that make some of the foods popular all over the world. Such thing as sushi or Shabu Shabu has become popular Japanese Foods and familiar for most people living in other countries. In several areas like California, sushi has been included in most top-notch restaurants.

The Popular Japanese Foods


Popular Japanese Foods - Ramen

It isn’t just an ordinary noodle. The wheat noodles are generally accompanied by warm and generous broth (usually meat-based) with Chashu (sliced pork), green onions, corn, and seaweed toppings. Every area has their own speciality and variety of the ramen. For instance, miso ramen is popular in Hokkaido while pork bone (Tonkotsu) ramen is popular in Kyushu.

There are some tips to eat the ramen properly. First of all, you need to eat it right away. The longer you wait, the food will degrade fast. You want to enjoy the meal while it is at the best peak – before the fats separate or before the broth cools down. Second, be careful about the hot sauce because it is hot. Not everyone is used to (or even happy) with the combination of hot broth and sauce. Third, you need to slurp hard and loud. It’s just the way it is. Slurping symbolizes the tastiness of the flavour. It’s basically the compliment to the chef. The louder you slurp, the tastier it is – and the chef will be happy and proud.


Popular Japanese Foods All around the World

What’s more popular than the signature Japanese dish: the sushi? It is basically a boiled rice with many accompaniments. The rice should be cooled first, and then mixed with sweetened vinegar. There is a slice of thin raw fish on the top part of the sushi although you can also use squid, shrimp, and others. Hand formed or nigiri sushi is different from rolled (Maki-Zuki) sushi. In Maki-zushi, the nori (or seaweed) is used for the wrapping, accompanied by the sliced cucumber and gourd peel.

There are so many different ways to eat the sushi. You can use the chopsticks or with your fingers. People usually start with the white flesh sushi (with mild taste) and move forward to the darker one (with stronger taste). You can dip the sushi in the soy sauce but it should be the fish only, so avoid soaking the rice in the sauce. You can also use wasabi for the mixture of flavor.

These days, you can find Kaiten Zushi restaurants or the restaurants selling sushi on the conveyor belt quite easily. The price is quite reasonable. Since the sushi is served on colored plates (which show the price of each plate), calculating the cost should be easy. You only need to pick the dishes and the restaurant will calculate the total amount based on the numbers of the plate you have taken and the colors.

Shabu Shabu

Popular Japanese Foods - Shabu Shabu

This is another unique and fun food that you can do it yourself. Basically, you will be presented with raw sliced meats (pork, beef, or chicken) that you can submerge on the hot boiled dashi (broth). The table is usually equipped with a type of stove so the broth will be boiling and cooking while you submerge it. Since the meat is thin, it only takes a while for it to cook.

The meat is generally accompanied by veggies, such as mushrooms, carrots, Chinese cabbage, and tofu. Any remaining broth will be eaten last, mixed together with noodles or rice as the final consumption.

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Although you can find these foods almost anywhere, it is always interesting to explore the original food in its homeland. So, if you are ready to travel to Japan, you can go to Airpaz and manage your flight there. So, ready you have your own culinary exploration?


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