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Kuala Lumpur which often called “KL” is the populous city in Malaysia. This city has a lively nightlife scene and interesting art and culture from many background. In Kuala Lumpur you will find amazing cultural from many tradition such as Chinese, Malays, Indonesians, Thais, East Malaysian etnic group, sikhs, South Indian, etc.

Each of that community offering its own tradition, culinary, art, festival, and many fashion style while influencing each other’s cultures.

What is the place of interested in Malaysia?

There are 10 Most Popular Place for Tourism in Malaysia.

1. Petronas Twin Towers

2. KL Tower

3. National Museum

4. KL Lake Garden

5. National Monument

6. Istana Negara

7. Merdeka Square

8. Masjid Negara

9. Masjid Jemek

10. Sze Ya Temple and many more.


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Ffrom CGK,Jakarta to:Fare start fromBook
SurabayaRp 393,300Book
BaliRRp 542,900Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 684,800Book
Kuala LumpurRp 386,000Book
PenangRp 656,000Book
SingaporeRp 326,000 Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 806,000Book
PhuketRp 646,000Book
Fly from Denpasar ,Bali to:
SurabayaRp 267,900Book
BandungRp 370,200Book
YogyakartaRp 395,500Book
JakartaRp 542,900Book
DarwinRp 466,000Book
PerthRp 751,000Book
Kota KinabaluRp 526,000Book
SingaporeRp 566,000Book
Fly from Bandung to:
SurabayaRp 331,700Book
BaliRp 370,200Book
PekanbaruRp 661,700Book
Kuala LumpurRp 299,000Book
SingaporeRp 189,000Book
From KNO  to:
JakartaRp 684,800Book
Kuala LumpurRp 186,000Book
PenangRp 186,000Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 526,000Book
Fly from Pekanbaru to:Book
BandungRp 661,700Book
Fly from  Yogyakarta to:
JakartaRp 293,200Book
BaliRp 395,500Book
SingaporeRp 586,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 506,000Book
From  Semarang to:
SingaporeRp 526,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 466,000Book
From Juanda Int’l Surabaya  to:
BaliRp 267,900Book
BandungRp 331,700Book
JakartaRp 393,300Book
Johor BahruRp 596,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 526,000Book
PenangRp 686,000Book
SingaporeRp 426,000Book
From (klia2), Kuala Lumpur to:
BandungRp 470,000Book
JakartaRp 589,000Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 352,000Book
SurabayaRp 746,000Book
From T2, Kota Kinabalu to:
BaliRp 746,000Book
From Penang Int’l Airport, Penang to:
JakartaRp 1,023,000Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 312,000Book
SurabayaRp 1,023,000Book
From Johor Bahru to:
SurabayaRp 944,000Book
From Changi Airport (T.1),Sing to:
BaliRp 1,050,000Book
BandungRp 640,000Book
JakartaRp 750,000Book
SemarangRp 1,000,000Book
SurabayaRp 900,000Book
YogyakartaRp 1,050,000Book
From Bangkok – Don Mueang to:
JakartaRp 1,188,000Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 881,000Book
From Phuket Int’l Airport, Phuket to:
JakartaRp 996,000Book

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