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Booking Period:  19 May 2014 – 25 May 2014

Travel Period   :   19 May 2014 – 31 August 2014


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DepartureArrivalAll Fare FromBook Now
YogyakartaRp 296,500Book
SurabayaRp 363,600Book
BaliRp 546,200Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 611,100Book
Johor BahruRp 429,000Book
Kota KinabaluRp 579,000Book NowBook
Kuala LumpurRp 359,000Book
PenangRp 659,000Book
SingapuraRp 289,000Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 709,000Book
PhuketRp 729,000cek disini
SurabayaRp 326,200Book
BandungRp 373,500Book
YogyakartaRp 398,800Book
MakassarRp 430,700Book
JakartaRp 546,200Book
DarwinRp 499,000Book
PerthRp 664,000Book
Kota KinabaluRp 589,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 599,000Book
SingapuraRp 529,000Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 769,000Book
BandungSurabayaRp 291,000Book
BaliRp 373,500Book
PekanbaruRp 665,000Book
Johor BahruRp 289,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 589,000Book
SingapuraRp 289,000Book
Medan-Kuala NamuPekanbaruRp 273,400Book
JakartaRp 611,100Book
MacauRp 989,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 189,000Book
PenangRp 189,000Book
SingapuraRp 219,000Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 389,000Book
Sepinggan, BalikpapanInternasional
Kuala LumpurRp 479,000Book
Iskandar Muda, AcehKuala LumpurRp 269,000Book
LombokJohor BahruRp 219,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 439,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 189,000Book
MakassarSurabayaRp 368,000Book
BaliRp 430,700Book
Kuala LumpurRp 629,000Book
PadangKuala LumpurRp 189,000Book
PekanbaruMedan – KualanamuRp 273,400Book
BandungRp 665,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 139,000Book
SoloKuala LumpurRp 349,000Book
YogyakartaJakartaRp 296,500Book
BaliRp 398,800Book
Johor BahruRp 289,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 399,000Book
SingapuraRp 379,000Book
Ahmad YaniMalaysia
Kuala LumpurRp 319,000Book
SingapuraRp 429,000Book
SurabayaBandungRp 291,000Book
BaliRp 326,200Book
JakartaRp 363,600Book
MakassarRp 368,000Book
Johor BahruRp 489,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 589,000Book
PenangRp 649,000Book
SingapuraRp 339,000Book
Thailand Bangkok – Don MueangRp 849,000Book
Jakarta ► Kuala Lumpur ► Brunei       Rp 829,000Book
Jakarta ► Kuala Lumpur ► Guangzhou       Rp 1,269,000Book
Jakarta ► Kuala Lumpur ► Shenzhen       Rp 1,269,000Book
Jakarta ► Kuala Lumpur ► Hong Kong       Rp 1,159,000Book
Jakarta ► Kuala Lumpur ► Macau       Rp 1,159,000Book
Jakarta ► Kuala Lumpur ► Kuching       Rp 869,000Book
Bali ► Kuala Lumpur ► Brunei       Rp 1,069,000Book
Bali ► Kuala Lumpur ► Kuching       Rp 1,109,000Book
Bali ► Kuala Lumpur ► Penang       Rp 919,000Book
Bandung ► Kuala Lumpur ► Brunei       Rp 1,059,000Book
Bandung ► Kuala Lumpur ► Guangzhou       Rp 1,499,000Book
Bandung ► Kuala Lumpur ► Shenzhen       Rp 1,499,000Book
Bandung ► Kuala Lumpur ► Hong Kong       Rp 1,389,000Book
Bandung ► Kuala Lumpur ► Macau       Rp 1,389,000Book
Bandung ► Kuala Lumpur ► Penang       Rp 909,000Book
Medan – Kualanamu ► Kuala Lumpur ► Guangzhou       Rp 1,099,000Book
Medan – Kualanamu ► Kuala Lumpur ► Hong Kong       Rp 989,000Book
Surabaya ► Kuala Lumpur ► Brunei       Rp 1,059,000Book
Surabaya ► Kuala Lumpur ► Guangzhou       Rp 1,499,000Book
Surabaya ► Kuala Lumpur ► Hong Kong       Rp 1,389,000Book
Surabaya ► Kuala Lumpur ► Macau       Rp 1,389,000Book
Terbang dari Kuala LumpurDomestik
Alor SetarRp 149,000Book
Kota BharuRp 149,000Book
PenangRp 160,000Book
Johor BahruRp 160,000Book
Kuala TerengganuRp 160,000Book
LangkawiRp 198,000Book
KuchingRp 350,000Book
Kota KinabaluRp 376,000Book
LabuanRp 376,000Book
MiriRp 376,000Book
BintuluRp 388,000Book
SibuRp 388,000Book
TawauRp 490,000Book
SandakanRp 528,000Book
BruneiRp 414,000Book
GuilinRp 794,000Book
KunmingRp 680,000Book
NanningRp 680,000Book
ShenzhenRp 870,000Book
Hong KongRp 756,000Book
BaliRp 756,000Book
BalikpapanRp 642,000Book
Banda AcehRp 414,000cek disini
BandungRp 950,000Book
JakartaRp 532,000Book
LombokRp 642,000Book
MakassarRp 794,000Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 331,000Book
PadangRp 338,000Book
PalembangRp 300,000Book
PekanbaruRp 338,000Book
SemarangRp 452,000Book
SoloRp 528,000Book
SurabayaRp 798,000Book
YogyakartaRp 642,000Book
BangalorRp 1,098,000Book
ChennaiRp 870,000Book
KochiRp 642,000Book
KolkataRp 870,000Book
TiruchirappalliRp 642,000Book
Phnom PenhRp 376,000Book
Siem ReapRp 376,000Book
VientianeRp 566,000Book
YangoonRp 376,000Book
MacauRp 756,000Book
KaliboRp 756,000Book
SingapuraRp 209,000Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 388,000Book
Chiang MaiRp 452,000Book
Hat YaiRp 300,000Book
KrabiRp 300,000Book
PhuketRp 338,000Book
Surat ThaniRp 300,000Book
HanoiRp 642,000Book
Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)Rp 604,000Book
MiriRp 187,000Book
TawauRp 187,000Book
SandakanRp 225,000Book
KuchingRp 263,000Book
Johor BahruRp 338,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 376,000Book
Kota BharuRp 376,000Book
PenangRp 528,000Book
GuangzhouRp 756,000Book
HangzhouRp 1,022,000Book
ShenzhenRp 756,000Book
Hong KongRp 680,000Book
BaliRp 787,000Book
JakartaRp 756,000Book
SingapuraRp 399,000Book
TaipeiRp 794,000Book
Kembali ke atas
Bandar Udara International –
BintuluRp 187,000Book
MiriRp 187,000Book
SibuRp 225,000Book
Kota KinabaluRp 263,000Book
LangkawiRp 263,000Book
Johor BahruRp 300,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 350,000Book
PenangRp 376,000Book
Kota BharuRp 376,000Book
SingapuraRp 361,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 160,000Book
Johor BahruRp 187,000Book
LangkawiRp 187,000Book
MiriRp 338,000Book
KuchingRp 376,000Book
Kota KinabaluRp 528,000Book
JakartaRp 1,037,000Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 297,000Book
SurabayaRp 969,000Book
SingapuraRp 361,000Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 680,000Book
Kembali ke atas
Johor BahruDomestik
Kuala LumpurRp 160,000Book
PenangRp 187,000Book
KuchingRp 300,000Book
Kota KinabaluRp 338,000Book
SibuRp 338,000Book
MiriRp 376,000Book
TawauRp 414,000Book
BandungRp 559,000Book
JakartaRp 760,000Book
LombokRp 490,000Book
SurabayaRp 798,000Book
YogyakartaRp 566,000Book
Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)Rp 604,000Book
BaliRp 1,021,000Book
BandungRp 729,000Book
JakartaRp 729,000Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 584,000Book
SemarangRp 875,000Book
SurabayaRp 778,000Book
YogyakartaRp 827,000Book
Siem ReapRp 1,254,000Book
Kota BharuRp 448,000Book
Kota KinabaluRp 681,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 399,000Book
Kuala TerengganuRp 448,000Book
KuchingRp 486,000Book
LangkawiRp 486,000Book
MiriRp 584,000Book
PenangRp 486,000Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 554,000Book
KrabiRp 486,000Book
PhuketRp 486,000Book
Bangkok Don MueangDomestik
Nakhon Si ThammaratRp 261,000Book
PhitsanulokRp 261,000Book
Chiang MaiRp 299,000Book
Chiang RaiRp 299,000Book
Hat YaiRp 299,000Book
Khon KaenRp 299,000Book
KrabiRp 299,000Book
Nakhon PhanomRp 299,000Book
Surat ThaniRp 299,000Book
Ubon RatchathaniRp 299,000Book
Udon ThaniRp 299,000Book
TrangRp 299,000Book
PhuketRp 337,000Book
NarathiwatRp 450,000Book
ChangshaRp 790,000cek disini
ChongqingRp 865,000cek disini
GuangzhouRp 790,000cek disini
KunmingRp 790,000cek disini
ShenzhenRp 790,000cek disini
WuhanRp 865,000Book
Xi’anRp 1,167,000Book
Hong KongRp 865,000Book
BaliRp 1,243,000Book
JakartaRp 1,054,000Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 714,000Book
SurabayaRp 1,205,000Book
ChennaiRp 1,163,000Book
Phnom PenhRp 525,000Book
Siem ReapRp 601,000Book
MandalayRp 525,000Book
YangoonRp 412,000Book
MacauRp 790,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 537,000Book
PenangRp 676,000Book
SingapuraRp 601,000Book
HanoiRp 563,000Book
Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)Rp 525,000Book
Kembali ke atas
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 337,000Book
Hong KongRp 1,167,000Book
JakartaRp 1,092,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 374,000Book
SingapuraRp 563,000Book
Chiang MaiDomestik
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 299,000Book
Hong KongRp 790,000Book
MacauRp 790,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 605,000Book
Kembali ke atas
Ninoy AquinoDomestik
KaliboRp 238,000Book
Puerto Princesa (Palawan)Rp 238,000Book
TaclobanRp 238,000Book
TagbilaranRp 238,000Book
SeoulRp 1,499,000Book

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