Promo Air Asia (August -November 2014)

Promo Air Asia BaliPromo Air Asia – Best Promo Bali IDR 209.000

Bali is a beautiful and famous island in Indonesia  and rich of art & culture, religion, many place of interest that is ideally for your holiday trip. Plan your trip now and fly to Bali now

Booking periode:  Now till 10 August 2014

Travel Periode: 05 August – 14 December 2014


1. We encourage you to make early booking

2. Fare are not available during embargo periode.

Payment Method:

All Debit/Credit Card

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Fly from CGK,Jakarta to: Fare start from Book
Yogyakarta Rp 296,500 Book
Surabaya Rp 396,600 Book
Bali Rp 546,200 Book
Medan – Kualanamu Rp 688,100 Book
Kuala Lumpur Rp 389,000 Book
Penang Rp 659,000 Book
Singapore Rp 329,000   Book
Bangkok – Don Mueang Rp 809,000 Book
Phuket Rp 649,000   Book
Fly from Denpasar ,Bali to:
Surabaya Rp 271,200   Book
Bandung Rp 373,500 Book
Yogyakarta Rp 398,800 Book
Jakarta Rp 546,200 Book
Darwin Rp 399,000 Book
Perth Rp 674,000 Book
Kota Kinabalu Rp 529,000 Book
Singapore Rp 569,000 Book
Fly from Bandung to:
Surabaya Rp 335,000 Book
Bali Rp 373,500 Book
Pekanbaru Rp 665,000 Book
Kuala Lumpur Rp 299,000 Book
Singapore Rp 189,000 Book
Fly from KNO – Kualanamu to:
Jakarta Rp 688,100 Book
Kuala Lumpur Rp 189,000 Book
Penang Rp 189,000 Book
Bangkok – Don Mueang Rp 529,000 Book
Fly from Pekanbaru to: Rp 649,000 Book
Bandung Rp 665,000 Book
Fly from  Yogyakarta to:
Jakarta Rp 296,500 Book
Bali Rp 398,800 Book
Singapore Rp 559,000 Book
Fly fr Ahmad Yani Int’l Semarang to:
Singapore Rp 529,000 Book
Fly from Juanda Int’l Surabaya  to:
Bali Rp 271,200 Book
Bandung Rp 335,000 Book
Jakarta Rp 396,600 Book
Johor Bahru Rp 599,000 Book
Kuala Lumpur Rp 529,000 Book
Penang Rp 689,000 Book
Singapore Rp 429,000 Book
Fly from (klia2), Kuala Lumpur to:
Bandung Rp 470,000 Book
Jakarta Rp 589,000 Book
Medan – Kualanamu Rp 352,000 Book
Surabaya Rp 746,000 Book
Fly from T2, Kota Kinabalu to:
Bali Rp 746,000 Book
Fly from Penang Int’l Airport, Penang to:
Jakarta Rp 1,023,000 Book
Medan – Kualanamu Rp 312,000 Book
Surabaya Rp 1,023,000 Book
Fly from Johor Bahru to:
Surabaya Rp 944,000 Book
Fly from Changi Airport (T.1), Singapore to:
Bali Rp 1,050,000 Book
Bandung Rp 640,000 Book
Jakarta Rp 750,000 Book
Semarang Rp 1,000,000 Book
Surabaya Rp 900,000 Book
Yogyakarta Rp 1,050,000 Book
Fly from Bangkok – Don Mueang to:
Jakarta Rp 1,188,000 Book
Medan – Kualanamu Rp 881,000 Book
Fly from Phuket Int’l Airport, Phuket to:
Jakarta Rp 996,000 Book

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