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Bali is a beautiful and famous island in Indonesia  and rich of art & culture, religion, many place of interest that is ideally for your holiday trip. Plan your trip now and fly to Bali now

Booking periode:  Now till 10 August 2014

Travel Periode: 05 August – 14 December 2014


1. We encourage you to make early booking

2. Fare are not available during embargo periode.

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All Debit/Credit Card

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Fly from CGK,Jakarta to:Fare start fromBook
YogyakartaRp 296,500Book
SurabayaRp 396,600Book
BaliRp 546,200Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 688,100Book
Kuala LumpurRp 389,000Book
PenangRp 659,000Book
SingaporeRp 329,000  Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 809,000Book
PhuketRp 649,000  Book
Fly from Denpasar ,Bali to:
SurabayaRp 271,200  Book
BandungRp 373,500Book
YogyakartaRp 398,800Book
JakartaRp 546,200Book
DarwinRp 399,000Book
PerthRp 674,000Book
Kota KinabaluRp 529,000Book
SingaporeRp 569,000Book
Fly from Bandung to:
SurabayaRp 335,000Book
BaliRp 373,500Book
PekanbaruRp 665,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 299,000Book
SingaporeRp 189,000Book
Fly from KNO – Kualanamu to:
JakartaRp 688,100Book
Kuala LumpurRp 189,000Book
PenangRp 189,000Book
Bangkok – Don MueangRp 529,000Book
Fly from Pekanbaru to:Rp 649,000Book
BandungRp 665,000Book
Fly from  Yogyakarta to:
JakartaRp 296,500Book
BaliRp 398,800Book
SingaporeRp 559,000Book
Fly fr Ahmad Yani Int’l Semarang to:
SingaporeRp 529,000Book
Fly from Juanda Int’l Surabaya  to:
BaliRp 271,200Book
BandungRp 335,000Book
JakartaRp 396,600Book
Johor BahruRp 599,000Book
Kuala LumpurRp 529,000Book
PenangRp 689,000Book
SingaporeRp 429,000Book
Fly from (klia2), Kuala Lumpur to:
BandungRp 470,000Book
JakartaRp 589,000Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 352,000Book
SurabayaRp 746,000Book
Fly from T2, Kota Kinabalu to:
BaliRp 746,000Book
Fly from Penang Int’l Airport, Penang to:
JakartaRp 1,023,000Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 312,000Book
SurabayaRp 1,023,000Book
Fly from Johor Bahru to:
SurabayaRp 944,000Book
Fly from Changi Airport (T.1), Singapore to:
BaliRp 1,050,000Book
BandungRp 640,000Book
JakartaRp 750,000Book
SemarangRp 1,000,000Book
SurabayaRp 900,000Book
YogyakartaRp 1,050,000Book
Fly from Bangkok – Don Mueang to:
JakartaRp 1,188,000Book
Medan – KualanamuRp 881,000Book
Fly from Phuket Int’l Airport, Phuket to:
JakartaRp 996,000Book

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