Promo Airasia – Macau (Till 26 October 2014)


Promo Airasia Macau

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Let’s book and pay promo fare and fly from Macau to Bangkok and Chiang Mai with  Airasia and grab the cheap flights to many favorite destination ONLY MOP 313.00

Booking Periode: Now Till 26 October 2014

Travel Periode: 26 October – 30 April 2015

Let’s take a look what promo and cheap flights on October 2014 from Airasia on

Fly from Macau International Airport, Macau to:

Kuala Lumpur MOP 538 Book
Manila MOP 604 Book
Bangkok – Don Mueang MOP 548 Book
Chiang Mai MOP 548 Book
Macau-KL-Melbourne MOP 1749 Book
Macau-KL-Perth MOP 1489 Book
Macau-KL-Sydney MOP 1699 Book
Macau-KL-Bandung MOP 959 Book
Macau-KL-Jakarta MOP 1009 Book
Macau-Bangkok – Kualanamu MOP 819 Book
Macau-KL-Surabaya MOP 1129 Book
Macau-Bangkok -Chennai MOP 1339 Book
Macau-Bangkok-Siem Reap MOP 999 Book
Macau-Bangkok-Yangon MOP 849 Book
Macau[KL-Penang MOP 809 Book
Macau-KL-Langkawi MOP 809 Book
Macau-Bangkok -Singapore MOP 939 Book
Macau-Bangkok -Phuket MOP 909 Book
Macau-Bangkok -Hat Yai MOP 899 Book
Macau-Bangkok -Krabi MOP 899 Book
Macau-Bangkok -Ho Chi Minh City MOP 899 Book

Fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2), Kuala Lumpur to:

Kota Bharu MOP 112 Book
Kuala Terengganu MOP 112 Book
Johor Bahru MOP 112 Book
Alor Setar MOP 112 Book
Langkawi MOP 112 Book
Penang MOP 112 Book
Kuching MOP 242 Book
Labuan MOP 268 Book
Bintulu MOP 268 Book
Miri MOP 268 Book
Sibu MOP 268 Book
Kota Kinabalu MOP 346 Book
Sandakan MOP 346 Book
Tawau MOP 346 Book
Brunei MOP 362 Book
Guangzhou MOP 518 Book
Guilin MOP 492 Book
Kunming MOP 466 Book
Nanning MOP 466 Book
Shenzhen MOP 518 Book
Hong Kong MOP 518 Book
Bali MOP 518 Book
Balikpapan MOP 401 Book
Banda Aceh MOP 362 Book
Bandung MOP 336 Book
Jakarta MOP 388 Book
Lombok MOP 531 Book
Makassar MOP 557 Book
Medan – Kualanamu MOP 206 Book
Padang MOP 258 Book
Palembang MOP 258 Book
Pekanbaru MOP 232 Book
Semarang MOP 440 Book
Solo MOP 388 Book
Surabaya MOP 518 Book
Yogyakarta MOP 414 Book
Bengaluru MOP 700 Book
Chennai MOP 622 Book
Hyderabad MOP 596 Book
Kochi MOP 362 Book
Kolkata MOP 648 Book
Tiruchirappalli MOP 518 Book
Phnom Penh MOP 336 Book
Siem Reap MOP 336 Book
Vientiane MOP 388 Book
Yangon MOP 336 Book
Macau MOP 466 Book
Cebu MOP 466 Book
Clark MOP 466 Book
Kalibo MOP 531 Book
Manila MOP 700 Book
Singapore MOP 156 Book
Bangkok – Don Mueang MOP 336 Book
Chiang Mai MOP 336 Book
Hat Yai MOP 206 Book
Krabi MOP 206 Book
Phuket MOP 232 Book
Surat Thani MOP 206 Book

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1. We encourage you to make booking required

2. Fares are not available during embargo period

3. Embargo period for AK routes: 14 November 2014 – 4 January 2015

4. Travel period for CKG routes will be available from 13 February 2015 onwards.

5. Travel period for NRT routes will be available from 21 November 2014 onwards.



*The currency in which you will be charged, is listed before you book on payment method section. If you pay in a currency that’s different from the currency of payment method, your payment company (Your credit or bank card issuer)  may apply a currency conversion rate or fees to your payment. Please contact your provider for information on what rates and fees may apply, as these are not controlled by or known to


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