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Last Call Promo fareend of year and lowest fare. Cheap flights ONLY RM5 Fly from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu , Kalibo, Surat Thani, Hyderabad , Kunming, Balikpapan and many more destinations.


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Fly from Kualaumpur International Airport (KLIA2), Kuala Lumpur to:

DomesticAll-in-fare from
Kota BharuRM 39.00Book now
PenangRM 39.00Book now
Johor BahruRM 39.00Book now
Alor SetarRM 39.00Book now
Kuala TerengganuRM 39.00Book now
LangkawiRM 39.00Book now
BintuluRM 99.00Book now
MiriRM 99.00Book now
KuchingRM 99.00Book now
SibuRM 99.00Book now
LabuanRM 109.00Book now
Kota KinabaluRM 109.00Book now
SandakanRM 129.00Book now
TawauRM 129.00Book now
InternationalAll-in-fare from
BruneiRM 129.00Book now
GuangzhouRM 209.00Book now
GuilinRM 189.00Book now
KunmingRM 179.00Book now
NanningRM 179.00Book now
ShenzhenRM 199.00Book now
Hong Kong
Hong KongRM 169.00Book now
BaliRM 199.00Book now
BalikpapanRM 159.00Book now
Banda AcehRM 129.00Book now
LombokRM 199.00Book now
MakassarRM 219.00Book now
PadangRM 99.00Book now
PalembangRM 99.00Book now
PekanbaruRM 89.00Book now
SemarangRM 169.00Book now
SoloRM 149.00Book now
YogyakartaRM 159.00Book now
BengaluruRM 269.00Book now
ChennaiRM 239.00Book now
HyderabadRM 229.00Book now
KochiRM 139.00Book now
KolkataRM 269.00Book now
TiruchirappalliRM 199.00Book now
Phnom PenhRM 129.00Book now
Siem ReapRM 129.00Book now
VientianeRM 149.00Book now
YangonRM 119.00Book now
YangonRM 129.00Book now
MacauRM 159.00Book now
CebuRM 179.00Book now
ClarkRM 179.00Book now
KaliboRM 209.00Book now
SingaporeRM 60.00Book now
Bangkok – Don MueangRM 149.00Book now
Chiang MaiRM 149.00Book now
Hat YaiRM 69.00Book now
KrabiRM 99.00Book now
PhuketRM 99.00Book now
Surat ThaniRM 69.00Book now
Da NangRM 129.00Book now
HanoiRM 189.00Book now
Ho Chi Minh CityRM 129.00Book now
Operated By AirAsia X
AdelaideRM 299.00Book now
Gold CoastRM 399.00Book now
MelbourneRM 399.00Book now
PerthRM 299.00Book now
SydneyRM 409.00Book now
BeijingRM 369.00Book now
ChengduRM 329.00Book now
ChongqingRM 299.00Book now
HangzhouRM 329.00Book now
ShanghaiRM 369.00Book now
Xi’anRM 329.00Book now
Nagoya – ChubuRM 299.00Book now
Osaka – KansaiRM 359.00Book now
Tokyo – HanedaRM 429.00Book now
Tokyo – NaritaRM 429.00Book now
South Korea
BusanRM 359.00Book now
SeoulRM 429.00Book now
Sri Lanka
ColomboRM 299.00Book now
TaipeiRM 359.00Book now

Fly from Kota Kinabalu International Airport (T2), Kota Kinabalu to:

DomesticAll-in-fare from
MiriRM 39.00Book now
SandakanRM 39.00Book now
TawauRM 49.00Book now
KuchingRM 59.00Book now
Kuala LumpurRM 109.00Book now
Johor BahruRM 109.00Book now
PenangRM 129.00Book now
Kota BharuRM 129.00Book now
InternationalAll-in-fare from
GuangzhouRM 179.00Book now
HangzhouRM 179.00Book now
ShenzhenRM 169.00Book now
Hong Kong
Hong KongRM 169.00Book now
JakartaRM 169.00Book now
SingaporeRM 129.00Book now
TaipeiRM 229.00Book now

Fly from Kuching International Airport, Main Terminal, Kuching to:

DomesticAll-in-fare from
BintuluRM 39.00Book now
SibuRM 39.00Book now
MiriRM 49.00Book now
Kota KinabaluRM 59.00Book now
Johor BahruRM 89.00Book now
Kuala LumpurRM 99.00Book now
PenangRM 109.00Book now
Kota BharuRM 109.00Book now
InternationalAll-in-fare from
SingaporeRM 109.00Book now

Fly from Penang International Airport, Penang to:

DomesticAll-in-fare from
Kuala LumpurRM 39.00Book now
LangkawiRM 39.00Book now
Johor BahruRM 69.00Book now
KuchingRM 109.00Book now
MiriRM 109.00Book now
Kota KinabaluRM 129.00Book now
InternationalAll-in-fare from
KochiRM 259.00Book now
KolkataRM 389.00Book now
SingaporeRM 99.00Book now

Fly from Senai International Airport, Johor Bahru to:

DomesticAll-in-fare from
Kuala LumpurRM 39.00Book now
PenangRM 69.00Book now
KuchingRM 89.00Book now
SibuRM 99.00Book now
Kota KinabaluRM 109.00Book now
MiriRM 129.00Book now
TawauRM 129.00Book now
InternationalAll-in-fare from
BandungRM 129.00Book now
LombokRM 139.00Book now
YogyakartaRM 139.00Book now
Ho Chi Minh CityRM 119.00Book now


1. Advance booking required

2. Fare are not available during embargo period

3. Promo fare are not available from 15 Nov 2014  to 4 January 2015


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