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Promo cheap flights Airpaz

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Grab our best of the best price from all airlines and many routes both domestic and international.

Fly now to Penang only Rp 136.523, Kuala Lumpur Rp 169,000, Singapore Rp 217,000. Grab  Now..!

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Medan ke Penang Rp 136.523 Book
Medan ke Kuala Lumpur Rp 169.000 Book
Penang ke Medan Rp 269.145 Book
Kuala Lumpur ke Medan Rp 308.152 Book
Medan ke Hat Yai Rp 314.913 Book
Medan ke Bangkok Rp 479.000 Book
Palembang ke Kuala Lumpur Rp 249.000 Book
Kuala Lumpur ke Palembang Rp 386.165 Book
Pekanbaru ke Kuala Lumpur Rp 339.000 Book
Kuala Lumpur ke Pekanbaru Rp 347.158 Book
Banjarmasin ke Surabaya Rp 270.800 Book
Bandung ke Surabaya Rp 379.000 Book
Surabaya ke Bandung Rp 379.000 Book
Balikpapan ke Surabaya Rp 387.400 Book
Surabaya ke Balikpapan Rp 387.400 Book
Jogyakarta ke Surabaya Rp 392.200 Book
Johor Bahru ke Mataram Lombok Rp 542.191 Book
Rp 710.234 Book
Kuala Lumpur ke Mataram Lombok Rp 795.734 Book
Jogyakarta ke Johor Bahru Rp 259.000 Book
Jogyakarta ke Surabaya Rp 392.200 Book
Kuala Lumpur ke Jogyakarta Rp 737.224 Book
Jakarta ke Singapore Rp 217.100 Book
Jakarta ke Kuala Lumpur Rp 325.000 Book
Kuala Lumpur ke Jakarta Rp 468.079 Book
Makassar ke Jakarta Rp 647.000 Book
Singapore ke Jakarta Rp 698.880 Book
Ambon ke Jakarta Rp 983.600 Book
Phuket ke Jakarta Rp 1.052.317 Book
Banjarmasin ke Surabaya Rp 270.800 Book
Batam ke Kuala Lumpur Rp 244.100 Book
Bali Denpasar ke Singapore Rp 517.100 Book
Bali Denpasar ke Kuala Lumpur Rp 639.000 Book
Semarang ke Bali Denpasar Rp 707.900 Book

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