Province Hong Kong, the Busy City with Appealing Spots of Interest

Province Hong Kong is a busy city that is full of energy. You can feel its vibrant in every corner of the city. The energy is one element that makes this big city appealing – not to mention that the hustle and bustle will have an effect on you. Be ready to explore the different regions and areas of the city and expect unique holiday experience that you will never find elsewhere!

Pamper Your Shopping Need

Do in province hongkong - Temple Street Night market

Hong Kong streets are busy – just like other parts of the city. You can find just about any market almost anywhere. In fact, some travellers have made shopping their main priority when coming to province Hong Kong. After all, there are some of the most popular shopping spots that will definitely satisfy your shopping desire.

  • Ladies’ Market is the place selling accessories, clothes, and also fashion items. This place has 100 stalls – even more! – selling various items. Will be you be able to find chic accessories and gorgeous clothes? You can bet on it!
  • Temple Street Night market is the most popular shopping destinations in province Hong Kong. This is a market selling almost everything – you will be able to find watches and clothes as well as noodles and other foods. It is never boring to explore around the market.
  • Cat Street is quite popular for the antique items. If you are into such a thing, this place should be in your must-visit list
  • Apliu Street is the market for electronics. Interested in buying household items or office equipment? You should head this way!
  • Sneakers Street is located in Fa Yuen Street. From the name, you can guess what they are selling, right?

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Explore Other Interesting Spots in Province Hong Kong

1. Central-Mid-Levels

Hong Kong - Central-Mid-Levels

This is an escalator running between the Western and Central districts. This isn’t a regular escalator – not if this is the longest one in the world! With a total length of 2,624 feet, you can relax and rest your tired feet when exploring the shops and dining establishments in between those two main districts. Most travellers want to try the escalator because of its excitement. But then again, it is also practical and fun!

2. Enjoying desserts

Hong Kong - Enjoying desserts

Finding Asian-style desserts is quite easy but there are some places that will serve you right. The Dessert Kitchen, for instance, is a trendy and modern small cafe selling Asian signature treats. As the name suggests, you will only find tasty desserts there – having one won’t be enough!

3. Dragon’s Back

Dragon's Back

It’s not really the back of a dragon but a hilly area that will pamper you with marvellous sights. Located in between Big Wave Bay, Shek O, and Tai Tam, you can enjoy those views – including the island, the mountain, and the sea. Going uphill helps you burn calories. Of course, once you enjoy the foods at the many food stalls, those calories will be back again.

4. Hong Kong Ocean Park

Hong Kong - Hong Kong Ocean Park

It’s a marine theme park having animal habitats and amusement rides. You can find many interesting collections of land-based species as well as the aquatic type. The most popular highlight of the park is two giant pandas, Le Le and Ying Ying. Interacting with dolphins, seals, and penguins is also possible if you come to this place.

5. Enjoying Eggestes

Hong Kong - Enjoying Eggestes

If you are familiar with egg waffles, that’s Eggestes. It has a pancake base but with interesting bubbly shape. This is quite a popular street food in Hong Kong and you can try different kinds of flavours. You’d be surprised at how much it is fulfilling too!

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These are only examples of the excitement you will encounter while travelling to Hong Kong. Be sure that you only have an enjoyable and memorable time – some of them can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Planning on coming to Hong Kong on your next holiday? Don’t forget to arrange you’re itinerary and reserve your flight at Airpaz. If you do it now, you may get interesting offers!


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