Putra Jaya Bridge, One of the Iconic Landmarks in Malaysia

Source: commons.wikimedia
Source: commons.wikimedia

Putra Jaya Bridge is one of the most amazing landmarks in Malaysia. It links the Putra Square and Boulevard, as well as the Mixed Development Precinct and the Government Precinct.

It makes the bridge as the most crucial bridge in Malaysia. It is also the longest bridge with 435 meters in length with the similar architecture design to Khaji Bridge of Iran. The great and iconic landmark make the bridge visited by many tourists every day.

Things to Do in Putra Jaya Bridge

Putra Jaya Bridge Malaysia is not only designed as a link but also for tourism attraction. The upper level is designed to be like a boulevard. It is well-paved so that perfect for the slow stroll and jogging area.

The bridge area is also commonly chosen as the place to enjoy the beautiful sunset above the lake. Even the beautiful scenery also makes many couples choose it as the place to take some wedding pictures.

Meanwhile, the lower deck of the bridge is used for transportation routes of monorail and vehicles. Many people also choose to enjoy the panoramic Putrajaya Bridge view while enjoying dinner at the lake view restaurants or cafes near the bridge.

The beautiful man-made lake is also ideal to enjoy some water sports such as kayaking and boat ride. The tourists also can get a short getaway by choosing to stay in one of the resorts with great facilities such as pools and spas.

Besides, the tourists also can visit Putra Mosque with its wonderful architecture and design, visit the Agriculture Heritage Park, and visit the Putrajaya Wetlands Park, enjoying the landscape of Putrajaya Bridge at night, and many more fun activities to do.

Source: Thousand Wonders
Source: Thousand Wonders

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How to Get to Putra Jaya Bridge

Travelers and tourists can choose to get to Seri Saujana Bridge Putrajaya Malaysia by car, train, or bus. From Kuala Lumpur, you can get into the bridge by car for about 40 minutes. If you choose to take a train, get the Express Rail Link from KL Sentra Station or KLIA.

When you have arrived at the town, then take a bus to Putra Nadi that only costs RM 0.50/ride. Meanwhile, if you choose to take a bus, you can take a City liner 868 buses from Serdang Station or Seri Kotato Putrajaya. To get the service all over the city, continue to take the Putra Nadi bus that costs RM 0.50/ ride.

To see the Putrajaya famous bridge, you certainly should travel to Malaysia and make it as one of the places to visit. Get ready for the traveling by preparing all things completely including the flight tickets. Book the tickets in advance and choose Airpaz to book the flight at the best cost. Happy traveling people.


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