Things Worth Knowing about Qatar Airport Terminal

Qatar airport is one of the Middle East’s international airports, with an interesting concept in its terminal building. There is worth-knowing information you can benefit from while exploring this Qatar Airport terminal. To find out more, read the information below.

Qatar Airport Terminal

Doha Airport terminal map

Doha Airport has a terminal that also became the main terminal. The building of this terminal consists of 3 floors. They are the Ground floor (L0), first floor (L1), and second floor (L2). There are more than 10 Qatar Airport gates on each level.

Specifically, the Ground Level contains the Arrivals Hall and public transportation services such as the Metro, metered taxis, public buses, car rentals, etc. At Ground Level, there are also passenger check-in and baggage claim services.

The airport’s L1 is the floor where we can find facilities such as Duty-free stores, security checks, and many others. The Duty-free Plaza is divided into South Plaza and North Plaza. 

The next one is L2; this second floor contains a transfer area for passengers arriving from one flight to another.

Qatar Airport Terminal Concourses

Qatar Airport Terminal

The terminal of Qatar airport has 5 concourses located at Ground Level (L0) as well as  Level 1 (L1). You can look at the Doha Airport terminal map or read the information below.

1. Concourse A

You can locate this first concourse by walking to the west after passing the Check-in. In this concourse, there are 10 passenger gates, namely A1 as well as A3 to A11. These gates are connected to a jet bridge for airplane passengers who are ready to board. 

Two of the gates in this first concourse are the ones to accommodate the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner currently used by several airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Emirates.

2. Concourse B

Concourse B is to the east part of the check-in and is a place of Gate B1 to B10. These gates accommodate more than 10 airlines and, like concourse A, two gates also specifically operate for the Airbus A380.

3. Concourse C

Next, Concourse C, which first opened an operation in 2014 and is situated north of the check-in area. Slightly distinct from the previous concourses, there are two floors of this concourse, L0 and Level 1. 

At L0, this concourse is a place for Gate C20 to C29. Meanwhile, L1 Concourse C is a place for Gate C1 to C13. Two of the gates in this concourse are specifically for the Airbus A380.

4. Concourse D

This concourse is one of the new concourses at DOH airport and is situated to the north of the check-in area. It has many gates, which are divided into two levels, L0 and L1. Gates D1-D4 are on L1, while Gates D18-D24 are on L0.

5. Concourse E

Concourse E is located to the north of the check-in area and is divided at L0 and L1. The gates on L0 are Gate E20 to E24, while the gates on L1 are Gate E1 to E4. Together with Concourse D, Concourse E has a V shape with Concourse C as its meeting point end.

Facilities & Services

Qatar Airport gates

Services that you can find in each concourse, among many, are:

  • Medical Center

You can find the clinic in the Doha Airport Arrivals, before the Passport Control Area. Another one is close to the Check-in area around the Departure Hall.

  • Prayer Rooms

These facilities are available in every part of the terminal. Muslim passengers can also pray at the mosque, situated outside of the terminal. It is only a few minutes walk from the Doha Airport departures.

  • Currency Exchange

There are 6 locations that you can visit if you are looking for currency exchange services. Some of them are in Arrival Halls near Al Maha Lounge, Concourse B’, C’, D’ s Departure Hall, and so on.

  • Cafés and Restaurants

Inside this terminal there are cafes and restaurants as well. They serve Middle Eastern, western, seafood, and many others.

  • Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Center

It is one of many paid facilities available for passengers who wish to get spa treatments, exercise, etc.

  • Art Exhibitions

In some parts of the terminal, artworks by artists from Qatar and overseas are displayed so passengers can see them while waiting at the airport.

  • Smoking Areas

Qatar Airport is strictly a non-smoking facility. Therefore, the airport provides a special area with comfortable seating and smoke extractors for passengers who want to smoke.

In addition, Doha Airport terminal transfer facilities, such as lounges, are available for passengers who have a layover, arrival, or departure. The lounges are mostly from Oryx, Al Maha, and Qatar Airways. Some of these lounges include:

  • Oryx Lounge
  • Al Maha Transit Lounge
  • Al Maha Arrival Lounge
  • Al Maha Departure Processing Lounge
  • Qatar Airways Al Safwa Lounge
  • Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge

Almost all of the lounges mentioned above operate 24 hours a day. All lounges provide premium food, drinks, wifi, TV, flight monitors, magazines, showers, children’s areas, and so on. Fees to access the lounge range from 150 – 450 QAR (41.20 – 123.59 USD).

That’s everything you need to know about Qatar Airport terminal. Book your flight and hotels via Airpaz for your trip. Hope this helps!


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