Qatar Airport Transportation – Know Before You Go

The transportation you choose when traveling around Doha is one of the important things you must pay attention to. Of course, you have to consider the comfort and costs as well. Therefore, the following info about Qatar Airport transportation can help you easily plan your vacation to Qatar.

Qatar Airport Transportation

Doha Airport taxi costs

When you arrive at Hamad International airport, you should be able to easily find transportation because you can follow the signs to much public transport if you want to go to downtown Doha. 

The information below is what you have to know regarding modes of transportation available around the Qatar Airport area.

1. Metro

Qatar Airport transportation

The first means of transportation is the Metro. The Metro connects 37 stations in Qatar. Additionally, you can look for this Qatar Airport train on the Ground Level. 

Of the three types of existing Metro lines (Red, Gold, and Green), choose the Metro Gold Line when you want to go to the city center, where attractions such as Souq Waqif are located.

This train usually runs every 3 minutes. You can also ask the staff at each station for help. They are ready to help passengers who need assistance during the trip.

If you are carrying a heavy suitcase or backpack, train carriages or elevators are available at all stations. This facility is also available for wheelchair users and travelers with disabilities.

To save time and be more comfortable when traveling around attractions in Qatar with this public transportation, you should buy a standard or Gold category travel card when you come to the station. In fact, there are three choices of travel cards available, namely:

  • Gold (100 QAR or 27.46 USD, rechargeable)
  • Standard (10 QAR or 2.75 USD, rechargeable)
  • Limited use (free, one-time use)

You can top up online or through the Qatar Rail app, which you can download from the Play Store or App Store. Generally, limited travel card users have to pay a single Qatar Airways train ticket 3 QAR (0.82 USD). Meanwhile, standard travel card users must pay around 2 QAR (0.55 USD).

2. Taxi

Doha Airport taxi to the city

Next, you can take a Doha Airport taxi to the city. You must travel for approximately 20 minutes by Karwa taxi from the airport to the city center. What you have to do is leave the Arrival Hall and turn left. You will find the taxis there.

If you call this service between 5 AM – 9 PM, you will have to pay an average of 45 QAR ( 12.36 USD). Meanwhile, if you call this service outside these hours, the Doha Airport taxi costs you must pay are slightly higher, that is, 55 QAR (15.11 USD) or more.

3. Public Bus

Qatar Airport transportation

The next mode of transportation is the public bus. If your starting point is Hamad airport, you can take Route 777 or 747. These lines will take you to the city center of Doha in about 15-20 minutes. You can locate bus stops around the airport area outside the Arrival Hall.

The official bus service here is Mowasalat or also known as Karwa. To be able to take this public transportation, you must own a smart card.

The smart card is available through the driver when you get on the bus or through the airport’s bus vending machine. You can buy it at Qatar’s nearest supermarkets if not in these two places.

The Qatar Airport bus station operates from 5 AM – 11 PM. We recommend you check through the Karwa Bus app or the official Mowasalat website. Meanwhile, the ticket price for this bus starts from 3-5 QAR (0.82 – 1.37 USD).

4. Tram

Doha Airport taxi costs

Besides several transportation options above, you can also take trams to travel around interesting spots in Qatar. 

The tram system in this country is divided into three: the trams of Msheireb, the Education City, and the Lusail. The first one connects the Msheireb Metro station to the landmark location of this downtown.

Meanwhile, the Green line Metro is linked to the Education city tram. Lastly, the Lusail tram bridges the Red Line metro with Legtaifiya station. You should only pay 2 QAR (0.55 USD) per single journey by tram.

In fact, if you pay for a day pass of 6 QAR (1.65 USD), you will gain unlimited access to this transportation for the whole day.

5. Car Rental

Qatar Airport transportation

The last choice of transportation is to hire a car. There are a lot of car hire companies that provide different types of cars to rent here. 

To locate this service, you ought to leave the terminal because the rental company is in the building opposite the terminal. So, you must get out of Ground Level first.

To rent a car, you have to pay around 27-69 USD a day and have documents such as ID Card, Passport, and Driver’s license ready.

That’s all the important information about Qatar Airport transportation you need to know. Check Airpaz to get the best price offers on flight tickets and hotels.


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