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Ramadan Fasting Difference between Countries


Ramadan lasts for twenty-nine and thirty days based on the lunar year. The fasting starts from sunrise to sunset for all the adult Muslims and it begins with an early meal so-called ‘suhoor’ and breaks the fast namely ‘iftar’. Therefore, it is very important to know the right time for suhoor and iftar as the opening and closing for the fast day.

The fasting day depends on the lunar year so the length of the day is different for each country. The day length depends on the sun solstice which is received by each country. Mostly, the Moslems spend eleven until sixteen hours for one-day fasting. Do you want to know more about the different hours of fasting?

Country With Longest to the Shortest Hours of Fasting

1. Nuuk, Greenland – Longest Ramadan Fasting Period

ramadan fasting in greenland

In this country, the fasting day lasts for 21 hours and it starts from 2:16 AM to 11:14 PM. The long period is because the sun goes down in only a few hours a day. Muslims here are incredible because they can prove their faith with the longest fasting period. They only prepare food and have iftar as well as suhoor in between three hours.

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2. Helsinki, Finland

ramadan fasting

It starts at 2:26 AM to 10:24 PM and in total it lasts for 20 hours for one-day fasting. You hardly see the sunset because the sun is always on the horizon, so it is hard to determine what the time is. Even it is eleven o’clock in the evening, the sun still appears, but it just goes down a bit below the horizon. After 5 hours of dipping, the sun rises again. It means you must start your Ramadan fasting.

3. Moscow, Russia

ramadan in rusia

You will spend 19 hours if you fast in this country. It usually begins at 1:49 AM to 8:56 PM. In other words, you will have 5 hours left to have your iftar and suhoor. Since it is not a Muslim country, the patience will also be tested through the food and beverages around you.

4. Rome, Italy


You can fast 17 hours here from 3:36 AM to 8:53 in the evening. Although the citizens are mostly Catholic, they lead the way of Moslem integration there. The 17-hour fasting is hard, but the hardest part is to keep the faith in the condition where Islam is not an official religion. The mood of Ramadan is hardly seen here although they have 2 million Muslims.

5. Tokyo, Japan

tokyo japan

It spends 16 hours fasting here and it begins from 2:44 AM to 6:49 PM. There are only 100,000 Muslims in Japan scattering out, but the local mosques are wonderful. They serve free iftars every day for Muslim and non-Muslim so all the people can share the food together. It is really heartwarming!

6. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia

While you do umrah, you can have a 15-hour fasting here. You will have suhoor at 3:36 AM and iftar at 6:36 PM. The feeling of fasting here is amazing because many people fast and do ritual together. The working hours for offices and schools even are reduced from the normal one because the government allows the people to relax before and after iftar and suhoor.

7. Punta Arenas, Chile – Shortest Ramadan Fasting Period

iftar in chile

When you are in Punta Arenas, you only spend 10 hours to fast. It starts from 6:34 AM to 4:41 PM and it is the shortest fasting period in the world. Muslims in Chile gather and have a community reunion in the mosque and have iftar together.

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Fasting in different countries varies in the term of the length and the tradition. They have their uniqueness that you can experience. Book the flights on the Airpaz website if you want to go to those countries. Experience the spirit of Ramadan with the best flight agent.


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