Reasons Why You Should Visit Osaka Japan

Have you ever thought about Osaka Japan? If you have a chance to go to Japan, which city are you going to visit? Yes, it should be your next destination of the metropolitan city after Tokyo. Known formerly as Naniwa, Osaka was the capital city of Japan before the Nara Period. The moving was because of the Toyotomi lineage termination by Tokugawa Ieyasu as the revenge of Hideyoshi’s death. Tokugawa then moved the capital to Edo (now known as Tokyo).

Reasons to Visit Osaka Japan

Osaka Japan
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Osaka Japan remains to play an essential rule in Japan. It takes part as a center that connects land, sea and river-canal transportation. While Edo was the base of military power and Kyoto was the home of Imperial court and the courtiers, this City stayed as the Nation’s Kitchen, where the rice was collected and started to be distributed, becoming the primary sign of richness. Merchants made and lost money in the city. They even never paid attention to the shogunate’s repeated alerts about the reducing consumption.

Historical perspective is not the only thing you will find in Osaka. You still have many more reasons to make the city your best vacation destination this year. Here they are:


As the nation’s kitchen, Osaka Japan is also popular for its city slogan, i.e. kuidaore. It means to eat till you drop. Locals spend the major sum of their income on food and drink. That is why cuisine business is very much potential here. When making a visit, you can try many kinds of delicious foods from okonomiyaki to sashimi.


People of Osaka Japan really know how to dig your wallet dipper. You can visit Tenjinbashisuji. There are more than 600 stalls that will make you work out without going to the gym. it is easy to find huge varieties of one product, for example, toothbrush which is available in 400 choices displayed in stores around Tokyu Hands. There are also some more great places to spend your pennies, i.e. Midosuji street, Horie district, Sennichimae Doguyasuji and Nipponbashi Denden Town.


As one of the metropolitan cities in Osaka Japan, you can expect more than just sparkling branded products on the store displays. There are many attractive spots to see. Take for example Osaka Castle which shows the diversity of Osaka’s scenery. Created by a warlord from the 16th century, you can climb up the main tower to enjoy panoramic view below, including the park full of cherry trees, plum orchards and pristine gardens.

Do not forget to jump on golden Gozabune boat to get a different view of the castle. Then, you can make a visit to Umeda Sky Building, which shows the face of Osaka in the early 20th century. This 173m building has 40 stories with a rooftop observatory, known as a floating garden.

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Have you decided when to go? The main entrance to Osaka by plane is Kansai International Airport. Save the bill with the advance flight booking to Japan at Airpaz website so you can spend more on Osaka’s delicacies.


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