Recommended Underwater Restaurant Maldives to Dine at during Your Vacations

Maldives is known to possess some of the world wonders when it comes to underwater entertainment, from snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, to sea cruises. Turns out, the spectacular astonishment doesn’t stop there. Now, you can enjoy underwater restaurant Maldives that offers the most magnificent culinary experience. Read the guide below to get better insight of the best under-the-sea restaurants that await you on your next vacation trip.

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SubSix Restaurant

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Niyama is a private island that has unavoidable attractive charm – no matter what type of traveler you are. The island is divided between the smaller Play and Chill islands. Regardless of whether you are looking for recreation and relaxation, there is no possible better option than Subsix. This under-the-sea Maldives restaurant is set about 500 meters from the shore of the island. It is reachable by speedboat only. When arrived, you will be welcomed by dramatically designed staircase lit by beautiful chandeliers. Getting inside the restaurant, you will see the main highlight of the room, which comprised of clam-shaper bar, capiz-shells, and anemone-inspired chairs.

Subsix is one of the underwater restaurant Maldives that provides not only fine dining experiences, but casual lunches and a la carte evenings as well. The place can turn into an elegant breakfast area or sophisticated nightclub. On Wednesday and Saturday, the restaurant hosts popular parties, so you may want to spice up your attire and be prepared to dance all night long, while being surrounded by reef scene through floor-to-ceiling windows.

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5.8 Undersea Restaurant

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Experience a soared high sense when you visit 5.8 Undersea Restaurant. As the name implies, it is located 5.8 meters under the water surface level. Hurawalhi is the Maldives resort with underwater restaurant that offers fine dining experience in an all-glass space with seven-course dinners and five-course lunches, accompanied by the grand view of kaleidoscopic scene of swimming fishes, sharks, and eels amongst the reefs.

This particular underwater restaurant Maldives also provides adults-exclusive dining area. This spot can only be reached through a walk along pier, which leads into a descending and winding staircase. Then you will be greeted by interesting interiors with wood panels that offers welcoming and warm vibes, in contrast of the encircling ocean around the dining room. The ambience from candle lighting also shows stunning distinction from the bright vibrant blue of the water. In both occasions, it provides sophisticated menu with seafood being the primary ingredients, along with meat and vegetarian options, as well as sweet dessert to complete the whole experience.

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SEA Restaurant

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Strive to be more than a common resort, Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas feature four-in-one dining undersea restaurant as its main charm. Here, you can enjoy your meal surrounded by the underwater beauty or the starry skies view by visiting FIRE, SKY, SALT, or SEA restaurants. Amongst the four, SEA is apparently the most popular and iconic one. This underwater restaurant Maldives presents both local and international delicacies, from Maldivian Lobster to the Japanese Wagyu Steak.

As if the dishes are not exceptional enough, you will be treated with the outstanding visual view of underwater zoo. The fun is heightened even more by local marine encyclopedia that’s provided in each table, where you may read about the green turtles, parrotfish, butterflyfish, and clownfish that swims around you within the crystal clear sea. It is also worth to note that this restaurant is located near the first undersea wine cellar in the world, which accommodates more than 450 types of wine from more than two dozen countries. They will conclude your perfect dinner night.

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Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

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This restaurant is located approximately five meters under the sea level of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Apparently, this underwater restaurant Maldives is the first all-glass restaurant that sits underwater in the world. This restaurant caters remarkable dining experiences through six-course dinner and four-course lunch sets. The menu includes fusion dishes of Maldivian and European cuisines, which you may enjoy as you relish the scenic view of turtles, fishes, stingrays, and sharks that move around the colorful coral gardens.

It is one of the most exclusive undersea restaurant locations throughout Maldives. It is guaranteed to be unforgettable experience for all of the people who pay a visit. To reach the place, you need to stroll across wooden dock, hay pavilion, and twisting staircase. Only then you will meet the sophisticated interior design and the cozy ambient settings of this establishment. Moreover, this restaurant offers more casual experience as well, as you can opt to get mid-morning cocktails.

You may use the recommendations above as a guide if you’re interested in trying the underwater restaurant experience when visiting Maldives. As you set for the visit, you will discover memorable impression. Whenever you are ready to get a taste of underwater restaurant Maldives, you can drop by website to book your trip and obtain hotel reservation on this nation of islands.


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