River Hongbao In Singapore 2018, Annual Arts & Cultural Event Not To Be Missed!

The River Hongbao Singapore 14 February 2018 to 24 February 2018 is an annual event celebrated in Marina Bay Singapore during Chinese Lunar New Year. The iconic festival has been celebrated since 1987 by the local people and the tourists alike.

The unique celebration is always held at the floating platform of Marina Bay, offering kinds of features like giant lanterns, cultural performances, and also delicious food festivals.

A Festival with Epic Features

Kinds of giant lanterns are featured in this festival. Designed amazingly to depict the Chinese legend and myth’s figures by the Chinese craftsmen on site. The most favorite figures are including the 12 Chinese Zodiac animal symbols and the God of Fortune. Besides, the visitors also can enjoy the carnival games, amusement rides, opera and kinds of street performances that make the festival more colorful.

Source: cavinteo
Source: cavinteo

Taste the Delicious Chinese Street Foods

Chinese street foods are well-known for the delicious taste. You can experience the great tastes too in the Lunar New Year festival. The largest festival of street foods in Singapore will please your taste buds while enjoying the sounds and sights of the festival.

Fireworks Shows

As long as the festival, fireworks shows are always held every night starting from 9 pm. However, the firework show is off at 12 am of the Chinese New Year’s night after the countdown party. Every firework show will be dazzling display, brightly welcoming the New Year and so much good luck.

River hongbao
Source: cavinteo
Source: cavinteo

The History of River Hongbao Singapore Festival

Found in 1986, the River Hangbao Singapore is made by the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan. Hangbao is a Chinese word that means the Red Pocket fulfilled by monetary gift, which is commonly given from the older to the youths.

The tradition is believed as the way to bring lucks to the unmarried adults and children. Since the first celebration, the festival is always fully visited by the local people as well as the tourists. They love seeing the features depicting good luck and enjoying the fun attractions.

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