Secret Beach - Pandawa

One of the most beautiful beach in bali is Pandawa Beach. The Location of Pandawa Beach is about 1 hours from Ngurah Ray International Airport, Bali.

Pandawa was hidden behind the hight clift and  located in the south of bali, village of Kutuh and referred to as the Secret Beach. The difficult acces to Pandawa made the beach was empty, but only in the past, because when our team go there, the Pandawa is full with the tourist domestic and international, actually the Secret Beach (Pandawa) had known well by some tourist in the world.

Secret Beach - LimeStone CliftYou will find the beautiful road to this hidden paradise, there is the rugged limestone clifts that rise on either side, flanking the road along 1.5 km. We can view the stunning panorama with peaceful atmosphere.

Near to the beach, we can see the limestone are holed and carved artistically, which is in the hole there is the  statues of Panca Pandawa (5 Brothers) ; Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa.

Secret Beach - Pandawa-ParaglidingPandawa Beach is also well known as a  one of the location for paragliding landing. This beach is very suitable for swimming because of the wave and current is not strong. You can do many activities with the sand or sunbathing.

Secret Beach, Pandawa - White Sands

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