Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing, the Unique and Busy Crossing in Tokyo

There is something unique about Shibuya pedestrian crossing. Tokyo is an urban area, home to more 38 million people. Shibuya crossing is located in the Shibuya area, so it is literally located in Tokyo. The most unique thing about the crossing is that it is the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing. More than 2,500 pedestrians can cross together. Since the crossing is connecting five directions together, the condition can be quite busy and chaotic. During rush hours, people would try to the other side trying not to bump others. This makes the art of dodging the crowd something worth watching. In a sense, it looks like an art form.

About Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing - About Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya is basically a busy area in Tokyo with millions of people are coming and going. Shibuya crossing comes in the form of a diagonal intersection. The form is basically scrambled. When the traffic light is red (which happens at the same time), all cars from all directions will stop and allow the pedestrians to cross. If you come to Japan, especially Tokyo, allow some times to go to this crossing. The sight is unique and one-of-a-kind. As the biggest and the busiest crossing in the world, you will witness the view of hundreds of people moving together. The movement can be fluid and smooth. It is definitely busy too.

What makes this crossing super crowded and busy? Well, Shibuya is an area where shopping malls, shops, and offices are located. Not to mention that it is right in front of Shibuya Station – another reason that makes the crossing packed. After all, Shibuya Station is the third busiest stations in Tokyo so it makes sense that the crossing is crowded and jammed with people. Around 2 million people use the station every day.

A View to the Crossing

Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing - A View to the Crossing

As it was mentioned before, this crossing has created a unique view. A lot of foreign travellers and tourists want to see the view. The best way to watch all of the commotions is from above. You can find QFRONT building where a Starbuck is located. It is situated on the northern area of the busy crossing. Go to the second floor and you will get a perfect view. Since the windows are full length, you should have no problems viewing the commotion below. However, be aware that this spot is always crowded – most people know that it is the perfect spot for the crossing. If you want to try your luck, the best viewing time is in the evening. This is the time where all lights are on and the crossing is filled with people.

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Getting to the Crossing

Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing - Getting to the Crossing

Reaching Shibuya crossing is easy because it is right in front of Shibuya Station. You only need to take Hachiko Exit and there you have it – the crossing will be right in front of you. The station itself has several exits, so be sure to take Hachiko Exit.

If you are from Shinjuku, you should get into the Yamanote Line that heads directly to Shibuya Station. It takes 11 minutes from Shinjuku to Shibuya. The ticket is 160 yen. If you are from Tokyo Station, you also get into the Yamanote Line. From Tokyo to Shibuya, it takes 24 minutes. The ticket is 200 yen.

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