Shopping at the Duty-free Shops at Bangkok Airport

Traveling abroad is only complete with shopping for duty-free items. Especially if you really love shopping. For this reason, let’s discuss the duty-free shops at Bangkok Airport. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Duty-free Shops at Bangkok Airport 

Duty-free Shops at Bangkok Airport
Duty-free Shops at Bangkok Airport / Freepik

The duty-free items are always tempting, especially if you are at an overseas duty-free airport. Of course, with a complete collection of items, or even almost nonexistent in your hometown, the items sold duty-free really tickle your hand to buy them.

Here are some duty-free shops that you can find at Bangkok Airport.

King Power 

King Power
King Power /

King Power offers a selection of high-end goods for sale in what is known as “The World of Boutique,” where the most wanted brands are arranged in rows and eagerly awaiting customers.

Additionally, King Power gives customers a remarkable, top-notch buying experience. Each store is decorated with a unique Thai setting and features a choice of glitzy high-end brands.

In order to promote the top brands in various categories, including packaged food, liquor, and cosmetics, there is a shopping section called Walking Through Shop that passengers may easily and swiftly navigate.

Additionally, King Power provides high-end, native Thai goods. These include handcrafted items, such as apparel, jewelry, mementos, presents, and other handmade items manufactured by artists from worldwide and top Thai designers.

There is something unique about this King Power. Suppose you want to shop for duty-free items outside the airport. You can go to King Power Rangnam, which is located in downtown Bangkok. The location is easily accessible, which allows you to shop for a few days before heading home. 

The advantage of shopping at King Power Rangnam is that the duty-free goods you buy will be sent directly to the airport and placed on the counter closest to your departure gate.

So you don’t need to bring these groceries yourself from the store to the airport. To pick it up at the airport counter, you just need to show your boarding pass, passport and original proof of payment.

Concept Store

Concept Store
Concept Store / Freepik

Concourse D on Level 4 is the location of the store. A concept shopping area is made up of several well-known brand names from the retail industry. 

The shops that are integrated here are:

  • Men’s Premium Fashion under the Bracken brand
  • Variety of luggage under the Crossing Continent brand
  • Eyewear from Eye for Time
  • Books from Folio. 
  • Lady’s premium leather under the Fushion brand
  • Imagine, which offers a variety of aromatherapy products. 
  • There are also ME with technological skincare items
  • Moon with women’s middle-class fashion items. 

You can also find a pet shop called Nong Lamoon, and Once Upon a Time with various toy products. 

The Royal Project & OTOP

The Royal Project OTOP
The Royal Project OTOP / Freepik

These outlets  can be found on Level 4, Concourse D. Here, only Thai goods are featured and made available for purchase. The highest quality is ensured by a distinctive symbol that distinguishes them as Royal Project items. Skilled Thai artists make every item in these stores from various regions. These can be fantastic gifts for friends and family back home.

The following are the royal initiatives that His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej or Her Majesty Queen Sirikit have started:

  • Sai Yai Rak
Sai Yai Rak
Sai Yai Rak / Freepik

The best of contemporary Thai art and design can be seen at Sai Yai Rak. You receive a unique item when you shop here that is unavailable elsewhere.

  • Mae Fah Luang
Mae Fah Luang
Mae Fah Luang / Freepik

The arts and crafts produced by the hill tribal community are sold here. Since there are numerous distinct hill tribes in Thailand, their arts and crafts are likewise highly diverse, but they all share one thing in common: their creations are exquisite and of the highest caliber. 

You can find some really adorable and mementos while also promoting the prosperity of the hill people by purchasing their goods. 

  • Chitralada
Chitralada / Freepik

Thai handicrafts are sold in this store at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Whatever you purchase from here is the best you can get because the handicrafts sold here are chosen for the artistry and expertise of the manufacturer. Before being presented, all crafts are quality verified to ensure that each item is of the best caliber. 

  • Sai Jai Thai
Sai Jai Thai
Sai Jai Thai / Freepik

The mission of Sai Jai Thai is to assist those who are disabled in becoming self-sufficient. By purchasing Sai Jai Thai goods, you are assisting those individuals and preserving Thai craftsmanship.

  • OTOP Store 
OTOP Store
OTOP Store / Freepik

One Tambon, One Product, or OTOP, is an initiative that encourages each town in Thailand to develop and produce a unique product that no one else can duplicate. 

This product was developed with consideration for local culture and venerable folklore. All of the arts and crafts offered by OTOP are of the highest caliber. The largest selection is found in the Suvarnabhumi Airport OTOP store.

Now you know the duty-free shops at Bangkok Airport. Shopping at duty-free shops in Bangkok is unique and fun. Besides buying branded goods, you can also buy various quality Thai souvenirs. 

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