Shopping Experience at Kuala Lumpur Airport

The airports aren’t exactly the most ideal place to do your shopping, especially if you are looking for souvenirs to take home. However, the airport shops can be a good alternative for shopping if you haven’t had the chance to do it. If you are too busy with your trip and you haven’t had a chance to stop for souvenirs and gifts, these airport stores can provide an ideal option for a shopping experience at Kuala Lumpur Airport.

The Convenient Place

KLIA or Kuala Lumpur International Airport has been stated as one of the 5 best airports in the world, so it is only logical if you expect a clean, convenient, and elegant place to do your things. If you arrive several hours before your flights, it should be enough to do your shopping. Keep in mind that the items aren’t the cheapest one that you can find, but it should be enough.

Shopping Experience at Kuala Lumpur Airport KLIA airport

Different Locations on Different Levels

Kuala Lumpur Airport Shopping

There are several options for different shopping purposes and needs.

• For instance, if you go to Level 1, you should be able to find the convenience store or supermarket-style shops. This is perfect when you want to buy some snacks or some drink

• 3rd floor on the Arrival Level. In this section, you should find Digi kiosks (in case you want to buy prepaid SIM cards), a Celcom stand, a counter for the car rental, and Tourism Malaysia office. Still, on this floor, you can find some stores, like Just Nice and D’Trends selling clothes, accessories, and handbags with a Malay-style design. You can find Cadbury’s Favourites there, close to Gate 5. There are also some gift kiosks on the area.

The Outlets

One of the most popular outlets is Victoria Secret. After all, who doesn’t want to look as gorgeous as those angels? You can find bags, small leather stuff, accessories, sunglasses, and luggage. Expect to find lingerie (although it is quite limited), fragrances, and also body care.

In cosmetics and beauty, can find top brands like La Mer, SKII, Anna Sui, Bobbi Brown, Kiehl’s, Benefit, Shu Uemura, and M.A.C. If you are into fashion, Hush Puppies, Charles and Keith, and Ralph Lauren are set side by side with local names like Lizara, Khazanah, and Poney.

If you want to have a local product from the local designers, including the accessories, go to Khazanah. If you want to buy some clothes for the kids, you should head to Poney. Rest assured that you won’t mind spending a few hours for window shopping and shopping.

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Shopping Upon Arrival

Shopping can also be done once you arrive at this airport. Let’s say that you may be staying in a friend while in Kuala Lumpur and you want to bring something as a gift. There are some duty-free stores located in the arrival hall. However, not every traveller is happy with the arrangement because the shops are quite far from the main terminal. It is considered as a hassle, considering that they prefer going straight to the destinations than wasting extra time, energy, and money to run here and there for the gift.

Kuala Lumpur is an interesting tourist spot to explore, and the airport is just one of the examples. If you want to go there for your next holiday, plan ahead. Go to Airpaz to manage and book your flights. If you do it early, you can get attractive offers!


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