Shopping in Bangkok without Breaking the Bank

When people go to Bangkok, they mostly go on a shopping spree before heading home. That’s why Bangkok is considered a heaven for shoppers, not only because of the different variants of the items but also because of the inexpensive price.

You can find the most expensive and exclusive products as well as the cheapest items. So, where can you go when you want to shop but without hurting your wallet?

Guide to The Cheapest Shopping Spots in Bangkok

1. Union Mall


If you are looking for clothing apparels with various designs and inexpensive rate, you should go to this place. Finding items for both boys and girls will be easy. In fact, most girls who come here like to take their boyfriends too because they can find men shoes, bags, and also clothes. Some of the brides-to-be like to spend times there because there are shops selling bridal gowns as well as accessories.

If you aren’t really into the fashion items but you want to have a nice window shopping moment, you can explore the night market – still located at the Union Mall. It is basically the smaller student night market with various items to offer, such as sunglasses, accessories, and fashion items.

The price can go as low as 20 baht (usually for the accessories) to 100 baht for the clothes. This mall is located not far from Chatuchak so you can visit either this mall or the market. You can use the MRT with Phahon Yothin Station as the destination. Walk out and voila! The mall is right there!

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2. Chatuchak Market


Everyone who has come to Bangkok must have heard this market before. Tourists are often suggested to come to the market for an enjoyable shopping experience. It is basically the most popular and also the biggest market in Bangkok – with more than 8,000 vendors. Because of its size, you can find almost anything – even things you won’t find elsewhere. Regular items such as accessories or clothes are quite common there, but you can also find vintage clothes, ceramics, souvenirs, home decor accessories, pet accessories, paintings, and so much more!

The market itself can be very confusing. No need to worry, though, because you can always lose yourself and find interesting things – you can also find unique street vendors or outdoor restaurants. It’s better to go there in the morning while the temperature is low. Wear something comfy – clothes and footwear. Pickpockets are quite many there, so keep your guard up.

3. Central World


Being set as one of the sixth largest shopping centres on Earth has made this place quite big and vast. If you are looking for the ultimate shopping mall in Bangkok, this eight-floor mall will do. Besides the size, his mall is constructed in such a smart design where each floor is designed for a specific market or item. For instance, the third floor is for men while the sixth floor is for kids.

Besides Isetan and Zen, the two most popular department stores, the mall also has a wide area for the food and also sports shops. Entertainment is also available with the cinema on the 7th floor or the ice skating rink at the ground floor. If you want to go there, take the sky train to Chit Lom or Siam Station. From there, you can walk for only a few minutes.

4. Siam  Paragon


This mall is located quite close to Central World, connected with a bridge walkway between the two buildings. It only takes 10 minutes of walk from Central World to Siam Paragon and vice versa. Siam Station is located right in front of Siam Paragon, so getting there would be easy.

You can find luxury brands, such as LV or Chanel there, as well as the more affordable names like Mango or Zara. Foods are easily found at the food court, and you can enjoy the movie or the fitness centre there.

Bangkok is certainly fun to explore, as long as you are okay with the crowd. If you are planning your next holiday there, consult Airpaz for flight schedule and travel management. Who knows? Maybe you can also get an attractive offer.

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