Shopping in Chiang Mai? Here Are Some Best Places to Go

If you have been to Thailand, you know that it is a shopping paradise for shoppers. Chiang Mai is no different. Finding tons of places to shop is easy – you can find various interesting places there. Night Bazaar, factory stores, street vendors, boutique shops, shopping malls, and markets are able to deliver nice shopping experience for everyone. Don’t miss these places when you come to Chiang Mai.

1.Wua Lai Road


If you are into silver crafts, you should come to this area. You should be able to find different kinds of jewellery and other crafts. Expect to find bangles, traditional bowls, and necklaces in this area. If you are looking for modern jewellery, head to Nova Collection with its original creation. But if you want to find a more traditional design, you should go to Shiraz Jewelry.

2. Nimmanhaemin Road


A lot of travellers claim that this is one of the best shopping locations in Chiang Mai. You can find pottery shops, clothing stores, antique shops, silk and handicraft stalls, and also art galleries. You can also find the candles shops selling handmade products. This is a fun area to shop or window-shop in the most relaxing way. Once you are tired, you can head to the lines of cafes, coffee shops, and also restaurants in the area.

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3. Walking Street Market


This is also one of the best spots to do your shopping. The locals call it the Sunday night market that is held on a weekly basis. The market itself is pretty big, running along the Ratchadamnoen Road. You will find shops and stores on two sides (of the street, that it).

Expect to find tons of goods and items, such as clothes, puppets, perfume, paintings, pillows, toys, handmade soap, and so much more. The market is also the home for hundreds of street drinks and food stalls. They are delicious and inexpensive. It’s no wonder if this market is claimed as one of the best markets ever found in Chiang Mai.

4. Factory Shops

You can actually take part in the factory tours – simply contact the travel agencies and they can accommodate your needs. This tour generally includes a tour of the umbrella factory, teak factory, a silver factory, and a silk factory. Basically, you only need to decide which factory to include in your tour and say it to the travel agency. The tours won’t take forever. It is pretty short and yet interesting, and the perk is that you can drop by at the factory shops to buy the souvenirs. Sounds like a worthy spending, huh?

5. Central Mall

Don’t expect the malls in Chiang Mai to be big like in Bangkok, but it comes with a decent size and pretty complete items for your needs. You can find clothes, gift and souvenirs, and even household items and cell phones. There are also coffee shops and a food court there. Although the mall may be a bit old-fashioned, it is perfect for those who don’t like the crowd and noise because it is less crowded than Bangkok.

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6. Night Bazaar


If you are looking for Thai craft, you should come to this night bazaar. This place is open every day, starting from 4 PM. You can find indoor and also outdoor stalls, buskers, food courts, artists, and even street performers and dancers. This is a great place for bargaining so be ready with the skill. You can easily explore the area, take a look at some merchandise, stop at some stalls, and then grab a bite and relax at one of the static restaurants or cafes. You will love the atmosphere!

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