Shopping in Korea and Enjoy the Inexpensive Things

South Korea has become one of the most popular and trendiest tourist destinations these days, especially for shopping in Korea. Since its popularity has increased, when you are coming to the country, there are some specific things that you can buy there without having to break the bank. No need to worry; they are all in good quality and they are worth your spending.

1. Cute and Adorable Korean Items

If you have seen Korean dramas, they are full of cute and adorable stuff, such as cute mobile phone casing, adorable earmuffs, and elegant fashion accessories. You can find them all in many souvenir shops all over South Korea, and they won’t cost you a fortune. These kinds of shops are many in Seoul and they have various different kinds of items. If you are into cute items, you will definitely have a blast exploring these shops and buy the stuff.

Shopping in Korea cute-and-adorable-korean-items

If you like cute stuff made by indie artists, you should go to Hongdae Free Market. The place is filled with handmade jewellery, adorable craft, watercolour paintings, wood carving, and so much more. You can be sure that each of them is original and one-of-a-kind. If you buy the items, you are supporting the local artists. You can even talk with the artists about their background, the story behind the item, and the process. Since it takes place in the free market, you may see public performances and you can enjoy tasty street foods. Expect to spend around KRW5,000 ($5) per piece. Hongdae Market only opens on Saturdays, March through November.

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2. Soju

It is basically the local Korean liquor made from grain or starch. Drinking has been a part of life in Korea where adults can drink up around 1 to 2 bottles of soju on a weekly basis. If you like to have your own liquor exploration or you want to give a souvenir to someone who will appreciate the drink, you can buy a green bottle of it by spending less than KRW1,500 or around $1.50. Finding soju is easy – they are scattered in the local convenience stores.


3. Cosmetics

Korean girls are known for their flawless, snow-white-like beauty. They have very smooth and fair skin – believed to result from dedicated skincare routine and also the high-quality cosmetics products. The variants are many, such as eyeliner, foundation, lip balm, skin serum, and so much more. Korean CC and BB creams are the most popular picks because they are both inexpensive and good in quality. Whether you are looking for a product yourself or you are looking for the right souvenirs for your female friends, sisters, or moms, you can always find popular brands like Laneige, Etude House, Missha, The Face Shop, and so much more. The price ranges from KRW5,000 (around $5) to KRW60,000 ($50). You can easily find them at department stores, beauty or health stores, duty-free stores, or Myengdong area.


4. Socks

You probably don’t know this but socks are pretty popular in Korea. If you are looking for inexpensive souvenirs, socks can be the best alternative. They are great for kids as well as adults – and the colours and patterns are limitless. You will find cartoon characters as well as world-class leaders or figures. If you don’t have the time browsing around the shops, you can even find socks vending machines! The price generally is around KRW1,000 or $1 so it is super cheap for a pair of cute socks. You can find them at department stores, but if you are looking for socks heaven, go to Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun district, or Myengdong area. You will get dizzy only from the colourful display!

Korea definitely has a lot of offer. Don’t you want to go there for your next holiday? Consult Airpaz for inexpensive flight management and schedules. You will have a blast there!

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