Shopping in Pattaya without Breaking Your Wallet

If you think that everything is always costly in Pattaya because of its popularity as the tourist destination, you may want to think again. As one of the most popular spots in Thailand, you can basically find anything there, from the luxurious and exclusive (and also expensive) shopping centers and malls to the inexpensive shopping spots. If you are rather low on the budget and yet you want to splurge your shopping desire, there are some alternative places to go to Shopping in Pattaya.

Pattaya Night Bazaar

Shopping in Pattaya - Pataya Night Bazar

Despite the name, this market opens all day long, not just at night. Another cool thing about this place is that it is an establishment with AC so you won’t have to do the shopping while struggling with the heat. The AC won’t affect the price of the items – and you should be able to find various items there. Expect to find souvenirs, cosmetics, shoes, clothes, and jewellery. It is allowed to bargain there so don’t hesitate to do it. The place is located on Pattaya Second Road, which is fairly easy to reach with public transportation. It isn’t far from Central Festival Pattaya. Better to use public transportation than driving by yourself because of the limited parking space.

Thepprasit Night Market

Shopping in Pattaya - Thepprasit Night Bazar

This is a night market that is usually available during weekends. You can find fashionable items there as well as tasty unique street foods. Besides souvenirs and garments, you can also find mobile accessories and gadgets. If you are into fashion clothing and accessories, this is also the right place to visit. It opens from Friday to Sunday from 5 PM to 11 PM.

Only carry cash when shopping here because most stalls don’t accept debit or credit cards. The market is situated in Jomtien, which is easily reached from Jomtien resorts. Getting it is simple. You can take the white bus along Sukhumvit and get off at the mall. Or, you can take the bus heading to Jomtien, getting off at Thepprasit Road, and then take another bus directing to the market.

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IT Tukcom Center

Shopping in Pattaya - IT Tukcom Center

If you want to Shopping in Pattaya for electronic gadgets, you should come to this place. In fact, the place has a clever arrangement for each item where different floors will have different products. For instance, you will find both used and also new mobile phones (along with the accessories). The other levels sell software, PCs, laeeks and technology freaks.

It is located on South Pattaya Road, which makes it easy to access. You can use the motorcycle taxi (Song Thaew). If you decide to drive there, there is enough space in the parking facility located 250 meters from the building.

Floating Market

Shopping in Pattaya - Floating Market 1

If you want to, you can rent a boat which can accommodate 4 people. The main attraction is the food, which consists of authentic Thai foods and classic desserts. You can find pad thai (rice stir-fried noodle), Foi Thong (or the golden threads), Kanom Jean (which is rice vermicelli), thong yip (or the sweet egg yolk), or Ka nom Krok (the coconut pancake). Although you can also find classic traditional toys (made from die-cast or wood), Thai crafts, and postcards, the foods are super popular. Reaching the place is easy because it is only 2 kilometres away Pattaya Underwater World, right on Sukhumvit Road.

Pattaya Central Festival

Shopping in Pattaya - Pattaya Central Festival

This is one popular Pattaya shopping center with various products and items. Expect to find brands and names like Nautica, M&S, Zara, or Calvin Klein there. Besides the fashion shops, you can also find electronic stores, food courts, movie hall, and a bowling alley.

As you see, not everything is expensive in Pattaya. So go ahead! Manage your next holiday there. Go to Airpaz to manage your flight and get the assistance along the way.


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