Similan Island Phuket Thailand Exclusive Guide

Similan Islands Phuket Thailand is a national park covering totally 140 square km. There are nine islands making archipelago in the national park. For those who love scuba diving and snorkeling, then Similan Island is the best place to go.

It also offers desolated places with much wildlife. It is recommended to start the adventure from Koh Similan Island; the biggest island in the park. Crystal clear sea water surrounds the islands featuring outstanding coral reefs and amazing rock formations.

You can see beautifully unique marine life when you explore the sea by snorkeling or diving in Similan Islands.

Similan Island History

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The archipelago of Similan Islands Thailand was created since 65 million years ago during the period of Tertiary Cretaceous by the hot magma’s upwelling. Then it was smoothened by the glacial ice as well as the sea erosion.

It is the oldest coral reefs in Thailand with the age about 5,000 years old. The National Park was built in 1982 and scheduled to be one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The deep sea waters around the islands let the underwater unharmed when a tsunami attacked the archipelago in 2004.

Similan Island Activities

The granite islands of Similan Islands have wonderful views like a paradise. The beaches are covered by the chalk-white sands and featured by the tropical forests.

With the magnificent sea and underwater views, the islands are perfect places for diving, snorkeling Similan Islands and other activities of water sports.

The beauty has been acclaimed by many people who visited the islands. Even it has been in the Skin-Diver Magazine as one of the best diving sites in the world.


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Similan Island Open Season

The open season to visit Similan Islands Phuket Thailand is between December and April. It is the time when the monsoon is far away and always become the high season of the islands.

But the best time to visit is when the islands have calm winds and clearest water, it is on March when the weather Similan Islands is great. During May 16 – November 15, the Similan Islands National Park is closed.

Similan Island Accommodation

Most divers who visit Similan Islands only take a day trip or sleep on their diving boats. However, the visitors also can choose to sleep at bungalows and tents, which are available for rent on the islands.

You can book through the agents or the headquarters of the islands in Tab Lamu. If you are going to put your own tent up for camping, you should rent the space first from the authorities of the Similan Islands Phuket Thailand.

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