Singapore Becomes the Most Powerful Passport

Since Paraguay decided to remove the requirements of visa from the passport holders from Singapore. The Singaporeans don’t need a visa anymore when they want to travel to Paraguay. It also means that Singapore Passport has been officially the most powerful passport in the world now.

Most Powerful Passport

Singapore Most Powerful Passport

Before getting the honor, Singapore passport shared the top position on the passport index. But since the decision made by Paraguay, then the travel document of the tiny island country becomes the most powerful one in the world.

According to the consulate of Paraguay when he was in Washington DC, the required removal of visa for Singaporeans means that the passport holders can travel to Paraguay and then they only need to get a stamp when they arrive. Then the Singaporean passport holders can enjoy the trip to Paraguay for 30 days and they don’t need any other application process within the travel days.

The honor for Singapore passport allow the travelers from the country can visit the most numbers of countries globally, it is 159 countries. The Singaporeans will get the visa when they arrive at the destination or they can enter the countries without any visa requirements in many cases.


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The free online tool of Passport Index categorizes and ranks the passports from every country in the world by the cross-border access of them. The online tool was created by Arton Capital, the International Residence, and Citizenship Advisory Firm. The managing director of the firm named Phillippe May in Singapore office said that this is the first time for the Asian country to have a passport with the biggest power globally.

Since the independent day in 1965, Singapore has continually improved its strength to make the most powerful passport. The country uses their excellent diplomacy, smart foreign policy, and the globalization opportunity understanding. Singapore also the only county that decides to give access without the visa.

Whilst Singapore climbs to the top position slowly, United States have slipped the tensions occur in the great powered country. The USA passport now is in the sixth position for most powerful passport after being exceeded by the other countries such as France, Denmark, Sweden and South Korea.

Therefore, for Singaporeans who have had a passport, now it is easier for you to travel to any of those 159 countries with your most powerful passport. Then plan your next trip to one of those countries. To make the trip much easier to prepare, book the flight tickets on Airpaz. Both local and international flights are available in many options every day on this booking website. Happy traveling


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