Singapore Cheapest Place for Shopping

What will you do when you are travelling to Singapore? If you ask this to most travelers, it is highly possible that their answer would be shopping. Let’s face it, we all LOVE shopping.  But it can be super costly at some points and you will have to prepare tons of money.

When you are going to Singapore, which isn’t the cheapest place on Earth, obviously, you can learn about some of the shopping tricks to save up money. If you know where to go and what to buy, you can get a great bargain. Singapore is a shopping heaven for shoes, clothes, and electronics although some people may have different opinions about the clothes. So, what can you buy and where to go?

Queensway Shopping Center

Singapore Cheapest Place - Queensway Shopping Center

If you are into sports items, including trainers, you may want to hit this place. The place is accessible by taxi – or feel free to find other means of transportation if you can do it. You can find different kinds of sports goods from various brands and names. Trainers are especially quite popular there because you can find different sizes, styles, and variants – and you won’t have to cry over your wallet once you are done shopping.

Scape Mall

Singapore Cheapest Place - Scape Mall

If you are looking for affordable makeup or clothes or other fashion items, you should go here. This is the place where many online stores and blog shops sell their items – the price is even lower than the ones provided online. You can find fashion accessories, such as necklaces or rings, which are one of a kind because you won’t find such a thing elsewhere. Branded makeup can go as low as $3 per piece, which is a huge bargain, right? You can go to Orchard Link 2 and find various items with price ranges from $1 to $20.

Bugis Street

Singapore Cheapest Place - Bugis Street

If you don’t mind the crowd and you are super enthusiastic about finding a great bargain or buying in a bulk, this is your go-to place. It is claimed as Singapore’s largest street shopping spot where you can buy anything. If you are looking for the designers-look-alike clothes at the cheapest price or even the least trendy items, you have come to the right place.

Mind you, though, that you shouldn’t expect too much when buying the designers-look-alike items, especially in terms of quality. After all, they are only the replicas – not the real thing. Designer clothes are expensive – just like in other places. But if you are okay with the replicas, explore the place around! Each item is sold from $5 to $15 a piece.

Thieve’s Market at Sungei Road

Singapore Cheapest Place - Thieve’s Market at Sungei Road

Back in the old days, this place was swarmed by thieves selling their stolen items. Right now, that’s not the case but you can still find unique items. Its concept is like a garage sale – with a lot of sellers and variants of their goods. You should keep an open mind and have a keen eye for the items. You may not find anything, or the items you are looking for, but who knows? Maybe you can find an old record or the old-school Walkman. One thing to like about this place is the haggling process. The price ranges between $1 and $10. Quite cheap, eh?

Liang Court Shopping Center in Clarke Quay

Singapore Cheapest Place - Liang Court Shopping Center in Clarke Quay

This is a place to go if you are looking for electronics. Not only it is cheaper than others, but it is also like a one-stop-shopping for electronics. If you can show them your passport, they can give you tourist promotion on certain products.

As you can see, Singapore is definitely a heaven for shoppers. If you are into travelling and inexpensive products hunting, you should plan ahead for your next trip to Singapore Cheapest Place. Consult Airpaz to help you with the booking and flight arrangement. Happy travelling!

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