Skycycle at Washuzan Highland Japan

Normally roller coaster is in the form of a car or train. It is really speedy and relies on steep slopes and tight turns which raise your adrenaline. But Skycycle is unique; it is, as its name, like a bicycle which runs with a pedal-powered. It also has lower speed because you can control the speed through the pedals.

However, it is still terrifying to cycle at low speed at the extreme height. So, how actually is SkyCycle and how to get there? Check the further description here.

The Operation of SkyCycle and the Location

1. The Operation

skycycle japan

SkyCycle is run by the power from pedals which should be ridden by the users. It needs to be pedaled all the way around on the extremely high rail. This unique roller coaster stands over hilly terrain with a couple of elevated rails. The carts in this roller coaster are like side by side tandem bikes with brakes and the baskets in front. The riders can use the basket for keeping their stuff. The brakes can be used normally as the real bike and they help the riders to control the speed while riding on the rails.

Although the rails have no extreme drops or loops, it still makes the visitors feel terrifying and nervous. Moreover, the carts have no guard and are only supported by a simple seat belt. The view of the Shimotsui-Seto Bridge is astonishing, though. It is worth the fear of falling off the seat of the cart. It is the most amazing view in Okayama with features the wonderful Seto Island and the Great Seto Bridge. The ride lasts about three minutes but it feels like forever.

2. The Location

location skycycle japan

SkyCycle is located in Washuzan Highland Amusement Park, Okayama City, Japan. How to get there? There are several ways to travel to Okayama which can be started in Tokyo.

1. By Shinkansen

okayama station

In fact, stations in Tokyo and Okayama are the major stations along the Sanyo Shinkansen/JR Tokaido. One way trip between them costs 17,000 yen and the trip takes around 3.5 hours by Nozomi train and 4 hours with Hikari train. It is covered fully by the Japan Rail Pass if it is with Hikari, but if it is done by Nozomi, it won’t be covered.

2. By air

transportation by air to skycycle japang

You can take JAL and ANA which have multiple flights from Haneda Airport, Tokyo and Okayama Airport. The flight between them lasts for 75 minutes and the one-way trip costs about 36,000 yen. If you are lucky, you can get the discount tickets which are available between 10,000 to 18,000 yen. Moreover, if you have an air pass you can fly for or even less. After that you can use train Okayama Station to go SkyCycle by using the buses connecting Okayama Airport and the station.

3. By a night bus

transportation to skycycle

There are several overnight buses including Odakyu, Ryobi and JR Bus which run night buses between Tokyo and Okayama. In detail, the buses connect Tokyo and Shinjuku Station and Okayama Station. It will take 10 hours per trip and cost around 10,000 yen for a one-way trip. There are some discount bus operators such as Willer Express which costs around 6500 yen for one-way fares. If you use Japan Bus Pass, you can reduce the cost to 3000 yen for one trip. In addition, you can make online reservations through Japan Bus Online or Willer.

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