Sleeping at the Airport? Here are 9 Tips!

Tips for Sleeping at the Airport

Tips for Sleeping at the Airport

Sleeping at the airport is sometimes inevitable when we have to transit from one airport to another. Especially when we have long distance flights,  layovers because of technical or weather issues. If you are a frequent flight passenger, you know

any things can happen. Rather than worrying, let us share what should we do when we have to sleep in the airport.

Searching for Airport Information

We can start searching information about an airport before traveling. Some airports may provide bed or at least have airport benches for flight passengers to spend the night. But not every airport allows its passengers to stay overnight.

Stocking on Food and Drinks

Being hungry and cold at midnight is no good at all. Since airport shops aren’t open for 24 hours, stock up on food and drinks – warm one and mineral waters.

Finding a Place to Sleep as Soon as Possible

Find a good spot for sleeping either on airport benches or in sleeping lounge. We will never know how many people need to stay at the airport in the same day as ours. We can go through several terminals to find it.

Keeping Warm While Sleeping at the Airport

Before traveling, we need to prepare jacket, borrow airline blankets or carry a sleeping bag if possible. Wear comfortable clothing and socks, not pajamas, is important during this time.

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Protecting Belongings

We obviously don’t want our belongings to be robbed. We need to find a way to protect them! We can sleep on it, chain it to your legs, or any other methods. Whatever the choice, make sure it will wake us up immediately when bad things happen.

Respecting Fellow Sleepers

Don’t make unnecessary noise if you are sharing the same terminal with other people. They are trying to get sleep too! Silence your mobile phone please.

Setting Morning Alarm

Please remember our destination of traveling is not the airport and airport is not a hotel. Always set our alarm and don’t miss your flights. There is another tips if we are a single traveler and a heavy sleeper, write down a note so other travelers to wake you up.

Booking a Hotel

If you are bringing your children or you have credit card in hand, you can book a hotel for a comfortable night.

Freshen Up

Bring antiseptic wipes on our hand carry bag and traveler kits if possible. We can go the toilet and freshen yourself up a little.

Last but not least, enjoy every minutes of staying overnight. Have a good flight!


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