Some of the Best Places to Enjoy Delicious Waffles in Klang Valley

One of the most exciting things about travelling is the culinary exploration. When you go to a new place, you can try the local signature dish which makes it different from the others. The same thing also happens to you when you are travelling to Malaysia. Do you know that there are some places where you can enjoy their signature waffles? If you come to Klang Valley, there are some options that you can try. No need to worry, they are all tasty with their own style.

Waffles are one of the most versatile dishes that can be served with sweet or savoury toppings. It’s a good thing that there are different areas in Klang Valley where you can find different styles of waffles.

Cafe 5 in Pudu

Waffles -Cafe 5 in Pudu

Pudu is known for its signature Chinese cuisines with its local blend. Besides the Taiwanese-style dishes, you can also find authentic and original Belgian waffle. The waffles don’t contain any artificial flavour or preservative. Is it healthy? You can bet on it! Some of the most popular options are the Belgian Murakami Liege waffle, which is served with bonito flakes, Japanese spices and mayonnaise, and takoyaki sauce, or the PB Bunk, which is served with bananas and peanut butter. It is pretty affordable, set around RM7 to RM15.

New Chapter by the Owls Cafe in Bukit Jalil

Waffles - New Chapter by the Owls Cafe in Bukit Jalil

The major menu is focusing on the sweet waffle variant. The cafe is located in CCC (Cavalry Convention Center) that is a church but acts up double as events space. They provide commercial lots and the New Chapter is one of the tenants. Besides waffles, you can enjoy risotto or pasta. The concept is the family restaurant and the setting is Instagramable.

Shugatory Dessert Cafe in Damansara Utama

Waffles - Shugatory Dessert Cafe in Damansara Utama

They don’t only serve waffles, but also other desserts such as pancakes and toasts, so you have plenty of options. One of the most popular waffles is the Back to Basics with meringue crisps, vanilla ice cream scoop, and caramel banana. The coolest thing about this place is their simple and yet artistic desserts. Expect to find such thing as bread with contrasting colours or mouth-watering ice creams with a unique arrangement.

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VCR in Bukit Bintang

Waffles - VCR in Bukit Bintang

Still, in Klang Valley, you can go to VCR – which is an establishment especially for serving breakfast and brunch. It is only 15 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. One of their popular menus is the Potato Waffle which costs around RM20. Besides waffles, they also serve coffee, cakes, and pastries. This is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing brunch with friends or business partners.

Chequers Bakery in Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Waffles - Chequers Bakery in Taman Tun Dr Ismail

If you want to have a wider option of waffles, go to this place because they are serving both the sweet and savoury variants. Besides the waffles, they are serving doughnuts. In fact, their specialty is actually the doughnuts. If you want to enjoy various types of desserts, this is the right place to go. The waffle burgers start at around RM28.

Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar in Taman Paramount

Waffles - Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar in Taman Paramount

They have a wide variant of waffles – not to mention that the atmosphere is quite friendly and homey. They also offer other kinds of desserts, such as ice creams and cakes. The beverage is nice with different variants of coffee and also tea.

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Sounds like an interesting culinary exploration, right? If you are ready to explore Klang Valley, be prepared to make plans with Airpaz. They have the variants of prices, depending on the types of service you want. With so many different options for the best places to enjoy the waffles, your travel will no longer be boring anymore.


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