Some of the Biggest Shopping Places in Tokyo

Being the capital city of Japan has made Tokyo vibrant with many activities. Since it is also known as one of the fashion centres of the world, you can find many shopping districts and centres there. If you are into fashion so much, Tokyo is such a shopping heaven! It would be helpful to find out some of the biggest centres in Tokyo so you can have a great shopping time in the cleverest way.

1. Omotesando Avenue

Biggest Shopping Places in Tokyo - Omotesando Avenue

It’s the Champs-Élysée in Tokyo version, so you can expect to find high-end and expensive branded names there. If you come to the area, the atmosphere is elegant and classy without a (lot of) hint of luxury. Expect to find brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Dior. You should also come to Omotesando Hills and Tokyu Plaza, both are the popular shopping malls in the area. Although the malls may not be the biggest ones in the district, they are standing out because of the artistic interior design and impressive architecture. With the combination of contoured design (at Omotesando Hills) and unique escalator entrance with kaleidoscope-like structure (at Tokyu Plaza), the area is marvellous in its own sense.

To reach the place, you only need to take the bullet train with Harajuku or Takeshita Dori destination. From there, you can reach the area on foot – it only takes several minutes. If you are done exploring the avenue, you can stroll around and voila! You may find yourself already in Shibuya.

2. Akihabara

Biggest Shopping Places in Tokyo - Akihabara

If you are into electronics or anime (including manga and games), you should head to Akihabara. This spot is considered as the Mecca of Otaku culture. You can find many popular retailers, like Yamada Denki, Sofmap, Yodobashi Camera, and Laox there. You can even find many small electronic shops offering attractive discounts. They are ‘scattered’ around – on the back alleys and streets. What if you are interested in games, collectables, and manga? There are tons of shops there!

Reaching the area can be done easily with trains. If you are travelling from Shinjuku, take the JR Chuo Line that is going to Tokyo. Then, drop off at JR Ochanomizu Station and change to JR Sobu Line. It takes less than 15 minutes to reach Akihabara. But even if you are travelling from other areas, it is easy to reach Akihabara by trains.

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3. Shizuoka Prefecture

Biggest Shopping Places in Tokyo - Shizuoka Prefecture

It’s not exactly in Tokyo, but it isn’t far from the city. In this area, you can find Gotemba Premium Outlets which is quite unique and beautiful. It is one of the biggest centres with Mount Fuji view – that’s why it feels natural and scenic at the same time. If you are looking for both men and women clothing brands, household items, and also wine, you have come to the right place. You can also explore the park, having its own outlet stores. In general, the items are sold with 50% off.

If you are coming from Tokyo, you can take the buses from Tokyo Station, Ikeburo Station, and Shinjuku Station. If you are using the trains, take them from Shinjuku Station with Gotemba Station destination. From the station, there is a free bus that will take you to the mall.

4. Asakusa

Biggest Shopping Places in Tokyo - Asakusa

Here, you will find Nakamise Dori, which is packed with souvenir shops. If you are looking for attractive souvenirs, you should come to this place. Another option is Kappabashi Dori, a special area for kitchenware shopping, but you won’t find any food here. You can even find food-theme souvenirs there! From Tokyo, you should take Yamanote line heading to Ueno, taking around 8 minutes. From there, change to Tokyo Metro Ginza. And then take the subway train, which takes 5 minutes.

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Travelling to Tokyo has its own benefits. Exploring the area is definitely worth your time and efforts. Are you thinking about going to Tokyo for your next holiday? Reserve the flights via Airpaz to get the best offer and assistance.

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